Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Why A Media Vault Is Crucial For Your Company

An office space contains several documents and media files that are sensitive and important in nature. These documents are generally confidential in nature, meaning they should be preserved well and also kept away from the public eye.

Keeping them locked in the office may save them from the public eye. It is still incomplete protection as in an office environment, unauthorized people can access the documents.

A Media Vault in Dubai is a company’s best bet. The benefits of a media vault are manifold.

1. Professional assurance

A trustworthy media vault will take the stress of document storage from your hands, giving you a promise of secure documents in return. The day to day security of the documents is the prerogative of the firm, and you can check periodically if everything is in order.

2. Controlled access

The security parameters of a media vault are in the hands of the service providers, and by working with them, you can decide who gets access to the papers. Nowadays, leaking sensitive documents or destroying crucial ones is easier as most files have a virtual copy. A media vault will minimize the chances of this happening with airtight security and cross checking.

3. Protection against calamity

Human intervention is not the only danger for documents and media. Natural disasters or accidents in the office can destroy documents unexpectedly. As opposed to this, a climate controlled and climate protected media vault will ensure that come fire or high water, your documents’ life won’t be affected.

These points are reason enough to opt for a Media Vault in Dubai for protection and storage of your precious documents and media.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Things To Keep In Mind During Media Destruction

When technology becomes obsolete or document files have lived past their sell-by date, it is necessary to get rid of files as well as the hardware. Throwing away such hardware is the option used many a times, but it is an amateurish move. Here are tips to handle Media Destruction in Dubai.

1. Categorize media

Media destruction is a crucial and non reversible activity. Select only those pieces that are to be destroyed for sure and keep them apart from the rest of the lot.

2. Ensure there are no backups, unless necessary.

The purpose of media destruction gets lost if the destroyed files still have a copy in the real world. Having a back up in real situations is good, but is ill advised in media destruction. One stray copy of a document nullifies the act of destroying documents.

3. No compromises

If the data is in a crucial piece of hardware, you may be tempted to not destroy it completely, choosing to format the hard drive. Remember that this method is useful only to increase the capacity of the storage hardware by wiping existing data. However, shoddy destruction can mean that hackers can unlock and reveal the data that you thought you erased. Physical destruction of the object sometimes is the only option. Don’t forget to think about this while destroying media on a hard drive.

If possible, hire a trustworthy media destruction service in Dubai. They will make sure that every last trace of your closed door meetings and decisions are safe with you and the professional cleaners that and came all day.

These tips will come in handy when you think of destroying media in your office space.