Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Key Questions Related to Document Management Planning

Installing a document management system is the key to achieving enhanced business efficiency. A reliable document management company will walk you through the complete process step-by-step such that all your needs are met. However, you need to ask yourself some key questions that’ll help you to get the right solutions from your document management firm.

Question #1: Which department needs to go paperless?

It is recommended to start small. Focus on a department or business process that is the most paper-intensive and hinders flow of business. It can be the Accounts section, Human Resources department or the department responsible for producing proof-of-delivery documents. Implementing document management system in specific departments gives you the opportunity to fine-tune the most crucial processes before increasing the scope of your document management system.

Question #2: Who can access your files, and when?

You would not leave your client bills or other confidential management documents for everyone to read. Just like that, access to scanned files and documents must be carefully planned. The key is to strike a balance between accessibility and security so as not to hamper mission-critical processes. A good Document Management System lets you determine who can gain access to specific files, folders and documents.

Question #3: Which departments need training?

As you decide who will have the access to scanned documents, determine which departments should be trained for document scanning, retrieval and indexing.  Also, determine the category of files that’ll remain on-site due to regulatory concerns.

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