Monday, 29 May 2017

Why It’s Important To Archive Your Files And Store Your Data

The shelf life of most archived files is maximum 21 years (depending on the type of document) and these are the files which usually end up in stacks of boxes in the office. While storing data online has become popular over recent years, it’s important to know whether your files are archived safely. Read on to find out more.

Data Archiving

This is the transfer of data to another storage device that is no longer used on a regular basis and with the sole purpose of archiving the records for a long period of time. The data will usually be of importance and required for future reference. It can be legal documents which must be stored safely for future regulatory compliance for example. As certain companies would generate this type of data in large amounts, it is important that this information is stored safely. Data archiving companies take care of these services according to your company needs and ensure that the data can be access at any time. 

Data archiving is more than just storage

Data archiving systems should not only enable you to store data safely, but also retrieve data instantly. This is a pre-requisite for effective decision making for any organisation and is important to stay ahead of your competitors as well.

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