Monday, 22 May 2017

The Difference Between Onsite Data Storage And Offsite Data Storage

All business generate data. This data can take the form of information from everyday communication, operations, management, legal procedures and financial records. It is therefore important to preserve the necessary documents by using onsite or offsite data storage, which also prevents the data from being unofficially accessed and used by unauthorised parties.

Onsite data storage

Onsite data storage refers to the concept of storing data within company or at the base of operation. To store large scale data onsite becomes a costly exercise as a team of professionals will need to be brought in to manage this, and then there is the issue of allocated space for storage. If this becomes a task for the employees to manage then this could take away from their primary role and responsibilities, thereby defeating the purpose of increasing productivity. And lastly, there is the increasing chance that an unauthorised employee will gain access to the confidential documents.

So what is the solution to these problems? Offsite data storage.

Offsite data storage

 Offsite data storage means, securing your documents with a professional and experienced records management company. This option comes with additional services such as physical or digital document storage and document destruction too. Backup clones of your data are also provided to ensure you don’t lose anything important and you’re able to reach specific information when you need it most, without any delay.

Looking for a combination of both? Black Box Records Management, a Storage Services Company in Dubai, provides both, onsite and offsite data storage solutions.

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