Monday, 20 March 2017

Myths About Records Management You Should Know

Not only the internet, but even the offline world is infused with myths that linger around. It is very important that you don’t let myths linger in your mind, especially those related to records management.

Myth #1 - Records management is all about filing 

Filing is just one aspect of records management and storage. A good records management company will have a filing system that is well planned and rigidly designed with standard labelling conventions. Otherwise, an ineffective approach to the filing system will lead to events like loss of data and files.

Myth #2 - Records management only deals with offsite storage

Some still think that records management is only about some boxes covered with dust stacked in closets where no one bothers to take notice. This is not true in today’s time as a records management company helps store and organise a file the moment it is created. It helps you store files physically or electronically. A good records management company will help you with instant retrieval of a file regardless of its age or form.

Myth #3 – Records management is an expensive affair

When you compare the costs of services from a reputed records management firm to the costs of consequences that lead on due to natural or man-made mishaps, the charges are nominal. Absence of proper records management and storage can cause a business to shut down and get mired in complex litigation and penalties.

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