Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How To Cut Down Paper Wastage In 3 Simple Steps?

Cutting down on paper wastage is one of the best ways to save significant money. It is also a welcoming step towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint. So how do you reduce paper wastage in your organisation? Read on to know more.

Step 1: Use both sides of the paper while printing

The advice to print on both sides is quite an old one. However, in the haste of managing multiple tasks, employees often forget to do so. In this case, you can choose to change the default printing process of photocopiers and printer to that of double-sided. Now, unless anyone changes the setting for some reason, your business will save enough paper and cost, inadvertently.

Step 2: Resize the paper before printing

Altering or tweaking size and font type allows one to have more information printed on a page. Changing the margin, how it is aligned, also helps to make the most of the paper’s surface. However, don’t print the document such that the text becomes difficult to read. A small change in the default settings helps you to take a big step to cut down paper wastage over a period of time.

Step 3: Print what you need

Encourage your employees to use the ‘print selection’ feature while printing. Often, one does not need the entire document, but a part of it to read or any other purpose. The ‘print selection’ function is a great way to enter page ranges and save paper.

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Image source: researchcareer.com.au

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