Monday, 22 May 2017

The Difference Between Onsite Data Storage And Offsite Data Storage

All business generate data. This data can take the form of information from everyday communication, operations, management, legal procedures and financial records. It is therefore important to preserve the necessary documents by using onsite or offsite data storage, which also prevents the data from being unofficially accessed and used by unauthorised parties.

Onsite data storage

Onsite data storage refers to the concept of storing data within company or at the base of operation. To store large scale data onsite becomes a costly exercise as a team of professionals will need to be brought in to manage this, and then there is the issue of allocated space for storage. If this becomes a task for the employees to manage then this could take away from their primary role and responsibilities, thereby defeating the purpose of increasing productivity. And lastly, there is the increasing chance that an unauthorised employee will gain access to the confidential documents.

So what is the solution to these problems? Offsite data storage.

Offsite data storage

 Offsite data storage means, securing your documents with a professional and experienced records management company. This option comes with additional services such as physical or digital document storage and document destruction too. Backup clones of your data are also provided to ensure you don’t lose anything important and you’re able to reach specific information when you need it most, without any delay.

Looking for a combination of both? Black Box Records Management, a Storage Services Company in Dubai, provides both, onsite and offsite data storage solutions.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Offsite Storage: Importance of Shredding

Businesses generate a lot of papers that hold important and confidential data, everyday. Keeping the document that contains confidential data open to intruders even after usage can be damaging. It needs to be destroyed and shredding does just that, making the file or crucial data inaccessible to the spies.

The Changing Times

Almost every document that circulates the corporate lobbies of an organisation contains some kind of confidential information. It can be the sales forecast of the next quarter or a new copyright memo for a new invention that a company is undertaking. In any case, you wouldn’t want any such information to exchange hands with spies, competitors or fraudsters who’d want to use this information to gain at your expense.

Offsite storage management companies provide secure, absolutely reliable and well organised shredding services. They ensure that every last word on the page is destroyed securely thus making it inaccessible by the unwanted members.

Conclusion | Offsite record storage Dubai

Security breaches can occur anytime. And one of the biggest sources for hackers to gain access is ‘critical information.’ Go ahead, delete all the information post usage and leave no proof of it on paper. Professional shredding not only preserves confidentiality, but also helps a business economically by helping it get rid of papers that consume vast spaces post usage.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Document Management System and Data Security Go Hand In Hand

Did you know that 90 percent of businesses face data loss due to no proper document management system in place?

Data loss is directly proportional to absence of document management

Data loss is evident when there is no proper document management in place. It is very difficult to keep the printing process optimised and running without a proper document management process. Storing and handling physical documents can eat into a significant chunk of your working expenditure. This is the reason why many businesses, small, medium and large, are upgrading to imaging and electronic storage.

How to evade the consequences of unorganised document management?

One of the most cost-effective means to be relieved from mismanagement of documents is to outsource it to the experts. A professional company that takes care of everything from secure document handling and storage to absolute shredding is your safest bet to prevent any data breach or loss.

Go ahead, save yourself thousands of dollars per year by avoiding renting spaces to store those unending documents.

A professional Document Management System helps businesses to take control of the more important things while keeping the task of storing important business papers in utmost security to themselves.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Myths About Records Management You Should Know

Not only the internet, but even the offline world is infused with myths that linger around. It is very important that you don’t let myths linger in your mind, especially those related to records management.

Myth #1 - Records management is all about filing 

Filing is just one aspect of records management and storage. A good records management company will have a filing system that is well planned and rigidly designed with standard labelling conventions. Otherwise, an ineffective approach to the filing system will lead to events like loss of data and files.

Myth #2 - Records management only deals with offsite storage

Some still think that records management is only about some boxes covered with dust stacked in closets where no one bothers to take notice. This is not true in today’s time as a records management company helps store and organise a file the moment it is created. It helps you store files physically or electronically. A good records management company will help you with instant retrieval of a file regardless of its age or form.

Myth #3 – Records management is an expensive affair

When you compare the costs of services from a reputed records management firm to the costs of consequences that lead on due to natural or man-made mishaps, the charges are nominal. Absence of proper records management and storage can cause a business to shut down and get mired in complex litigation and penalties.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Importance of Records Management for Finance Companies

Companies in the financial domain have to manage a large pool of customer data. Apart from business requirements, the records of account holders need to be aligned with various other parameters like local or state regulations which govern their usage. It’s, therefore, imperative for them to implement a proper financial records management system to prevent breach of customers’ data.

What benefits do finance companies gain from records management?

A reliable records management firm will help a financial organisation manage records (physical and electronic) from storage to shredding.
It helps a company to:

  • Maintain, as well as consolidate its clients’ account records 
  • Enhance employee productivity, efficiency and make banking collateral's more focused towards critical tasks 
  • Set up records retention schedules. This helps the company to classify all kinds of physical and electronic documents, thus implementing a reliable classification mechanism that helps the firm with instant identification and tracking of financial records. 
  • Improve productivity ensuring full compliance with transactional records and processes 
  • Keep a track of the necessary certifications and training records that need to be aligned for local or compliance laws 
  • Manage loan records, withdrawals and deposits with ease 
  • Cut down liability risks that involve transfer of physical records between two locations or branches 
  • Make the process of credit-giving smooth, and speed up loan provisions and effective decision making by giving bank managers instant access to client data and records

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Friday, 17 February 2017

On-Site Storage: How To Ensure Data Security On Your Premises?

On-site storage may appear like an organised solution for your business, and it is evident. It’s because no matter how many files you have stored off-site, you will prolly have some documents on-site. So how do you ensure safe and secure storage of these documents? Read on to get some tips.

1. Train your employees

While most data breaches happen due to employee intervention, not many consider this fact with caution. Although it’s accidental many a time, such incidents can call for unnecessary troubles.

In this case, therefore, staff or employee training is important to lead to smooth and secure on-site storage practices. Appoint a designated member that anyone can connect with in case of queries with regards to information protection protocols.

2. Strict password policy 

Any employee, even if he or she is required to deal with minimum data must have individual computer passwords that are protected and changed at regular intervals. They must be automatically functioned to lockout at short periods of inactivity to prevent data breach.

3. Avoid multiple copies

Once the files or documents are photocopied, printed or downloaded on various devices, it becomes difficult to curb the files from getting unauthorised access. Hence, it is important to avoid multiple copies of the important and confidential files.

Need help with setting up a secure and reliable Document Management System for your company? Contact us.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How To Cut Down Paper Wastage In 3 Simple Steps?

Cutting down on paper wastage is one of the best ways to save significant money. It is also a welcoming step towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint. So how do you reduce paper wastage in your organisation? Read on to know more.

Step 1: Use both sides of the paper while printing

The advice to print on both sides is quite an old one. However, in the haste of managing multiple tasks, employees often forget to do so. In this case, you can choose to change the default printing process of photocopiers and printer to that of double-sided. Now, unless anyone changes the setting for some reason, your business will save enough paper and cost, inadvertently.

Step 2: Resize the paper before printing

Altering or tweaking size and font type allows one to have more information printed on a page. Changing the margin, how it is aligned, also helps to make the most of the paper’s surface. However, don’t print the document such that the text becomes difficult to read. A small change in the default settings helps you to take a big step to cut down paper wastage over a period of time.

Step 3: Print what you need

Encourage your employees to use the ‘print selection’ feature while printing. Often, one does not need the entire document, but a part of it to read or any other purpose. The ‘print selection’ function is a great way to enter page ranges and save paper.

Do you need help with managing your company’s documents – whether it be storage or destruction? Our Storage in Dubai team will help, contact us for any assistance.

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Monday, 16 January 2017

The Importance of Records Management for Enterprises

Records management makes it possible for businesses to obtain their records instantly whenever required. Moreover, a records management company takes care of your company documents from archiving to shredding.

Small, medium or large businesses and even sole proprietors have special off-site records management facilities. These facilities store company documents such that during any kind of emergency or disaster, their records remain safe. The businesses can therefore access their documents anytime to restore smooth operational efficiency.

Good records management helps resolve disputes

A good records management company can help you wave off disputes with instant access to accurate documents or files; thus saving significant time to arrive at wise decisions to resolve issues at hand.

A good records management company treats your documents in the best way

A good records management company has proper mechanisms in place to accurately determine the life cycle of different types of records/files.

We all know that records in the form of papers take up a huge space. The records management company will help you decide when certain documents can be safely destroyed or archived electronically. This not only saves you significant office or residential space but also precious money and time.


Good records management is a highly organised process, easily implementable at every level of any enterprise. From initial document filing to its long term storage and timely access, records management is a process that ensures everything goes smooth. This is possible as records management is regularly monitored using clear protocols and guidelines.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Discarding The Myths About Offsite Document Storage

It is when you are not adequately educated on something; you end up believing the half-baked facts. Simply known as myths, they generate an air of uncertainty around you that only favours incorrect decisions. Here is an article to make you aware about the various myths regarding offsite document storage.

1. A document storage company will lose your documents

Never.In fact, a document storage company handles thousands of documents every day. Every offsite document firm records its customers’ documents appropriately in a systematic manner that discards any incidents of loss, damage and theft.

2. It is cheaper to pay for an additional room for storage woes

Looking for an extra room or storage lock up is like finding a needle in a haystack, let alone finding one that is affordable.

For instance, from storage in Dubai to paper shredder UAE services, Black Box is a company that provides end-to-end document management and storage solutions at affordable rates. We monitor, track and ensure that your files are kept safely and securely, without you having to worry. Spending for extra space just to archive or store files isn’t financially clever. Also it is not the best secure option to be assured of your files being properly looked after; you will still have to keep a check on them yourself.

3. It takes countless hours to find my documents

When you sign up with a reliable document storage company, your contract will include predetermined timelines for delivery of your files and the required notice period to ensure you receive your documents on time.

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