Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Document Management System: Saves Money And Streamlines Business Operations

Small businesses have fewer tendencies to endure losses and high expenses as compared to the large enterprises. But there’s one thing you can surely control as a small business entrepreneur; the piling costs of storing important documents, files, and records. But how? By moving from the rather tedious physical storage of documents to digitally managed document management system.

How does document management system help in saving costs?
When you store documents in paper form, you are required to allocate a physical place. As the documents pile, so does the need to allocate more and more office space. For many small businesses, it means storing documents and records (even the confidential ones) on offsite locations. The offsite locations demand hefty rents and may or may not be equipped with authentic and advanced security facilities.

Document management system is the best cost cutting tool you can implement for effective functioning of your business. It usually comes with built-in scanning software that enables you to convert your paper files to digital. After you’ve scanned your documents, you can easily retain documents in paper format for legal purposes, whenever needed.

Paper shredding
The paper shredding technology helps to completely destroy the documents post usage so that it cannot be misused.

Document management system not only erases the high costs of offsite storage but also helps businesses to free up precious office space and use it for productive purposes. Additionally, it helps to cut costs on procurement of various items like paper, folders, markers, cabinets, files and so on. Contact our paper shredder company in UAE for reliable document management system solutions.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Document Management System: Essential Rules To Follow

The document management system is something that offers ultimate flexibility to businesses and individuals alike. It offers benefits like less usage of space to store and maintain important records. So what are some rules with respect to document management system? Read on to know.

Record keeping
In the past, record keeping procedure used to be alphabetical, or numerical. At times, companies also used a combination of both in storing and maintaining records.

Today, the evolved technology with its ever-changing rules has given us the intelligent document management system and software. It locates your files by simply conducting a ‘Google-like’ search functionality thus making the process of storing, maintaining and identifying your files, and documents extremely convenient.

The complex laws
There are many complex laws which can at times be difficult to cope with especially for new technology departments. There are stiff fines applicable for vehement breaches of document management retention rules and guidelines. As a result, many CEOs and managers of small, medium and large enterprises are switching to companies that offer specialised document management systems to stay connected with the ever increasing amount of information anytime, anywhere.

Last but not the least, It is also important that your document management company knows the nitty-gritty of records’ disposal i.e. to know how to conveniently dispose-off records permanently and through appropriate means (like paper shredding) once they appear redundant. If the disposal process goes wrong there can be grave repercussions.

Hence, ensure you follow the mandatory rules with respect to storage and maintenance of documents. A smart document management system only enables to garner sufficient flexibility to cope with this behemoth task. Contact us for document storage services in Dubai.

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