Tuesday, 20 September 2016



An electronic document management system manages the following tasks efficiently.

Verification and security

An electronic document management system employs processes that confirm a user’s authenticity when they log into any system to access the organisation’s files or documents.


An electronic document management system can electronically capture and scan documents. It can scan multiple files at a time by converting and storing the physical documents as digital files, which are then simultaneously scanned as per their native file formats and extensions.


An electronic document management system is adept at performing ‘indexing’ which categorises one or multiple documents into their appropriate locations within the business repositories.


An electronic document management system helps businesses establish an easy to understand and easy to navigate road map to track a documents progress in the organisation’s workflow process. Certain important documents need to flow through different departments to get approvals. In this case, a document management system performs the crucial task of letting the concerned people know the location of the document so that they can expedite the process for effective decision making. It also streamlines the operational functionalities of organisations thus reducing downtime of employees.

An electronic Document Management System serves the primary function of recovering documents during any kind of emergency situation thus ensuring a steady organisational flow.

Hence, businesses prefer electronic document management systems over simple document management systems due the former’s ability to function as a comprehensive and fast security and storage suite for all their important files and documents.

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