Thursday, 4 August 2016

How Does Off Site Storage Facility Help In Disaster Recovery?

What would you do if you find out that your records get blown up in flames due to fragile in-house storage? To prevent such situations, there are offsite storage centres that are equipped with advanced fire suppression gears.

Prevents the damage

Offsite storage centres are invaluable in terms of providing complete protection to your important documents and records. This enables the affected company to get back up and running.


Offsite storage centres follow an organised approach to storing documents which proves extremely handy during legal matters. Many disclosure laws require companies to release documents at the earliest. The Document Management System of offsite storage companies help you to index your documents to be easily found and retrieved, hence further aiding in disaster recovery.

Some tips to find an offsite storage company that meets your needs
  • Get several quotes for storage companies around your location to arrive at an informed decision.
  • Check and ensure the facility is equipped with advanced security and safety systems by actually visiting the centre.
  • Another necessary factor to check is the average time it takes for the company to retrieve documents at your request. It usually takes one business day but this is something you should always consider and make sure the company follows what it claims.

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