Wednesday, 20 July 2016

What Is The Right Time To Opt For Off-site Document Storage?

We are living in the decade of paperless offices, but it’s had to overlook the growing number of hard copies, everyday. These huge volumes of documents are flooding our file cabinets, thereby turning those official spaces into storage rooms. There are many reasons like lack of storage space to opt for offsite document storage. As you read them, you only come to know how logical they are.

Reason 1- cost:

It takes 20 minutes on an average for a low skilled person to locate a document and make a copy that comes to 3 dollars every time the person touches the document. So if the worker retrieves 8-9 documents every day, they spend around 30% of their time on this task.

Reason 2- legal implications:

When you are not able to find a document it can lead to annulations of justice charges, losing in a lawsuit and revenue loss from un-collected debt.

Reason 3- Security

It is obvious that an offsite storage centre provider greater level of security than less unsecured storage closets. Offsite storage facilities protect your documents using advanced security systems, locks, cameras and verified employees. You also eliminate the chances of unwanted people from accessing sensitive data and information.

We endeavor to make Storage in Dubai easily accessible through our comprehensive Electronic Document Management System solutions. Contact us if you want to switch to the best off site document storage services.

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