Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Why Offsite Records Management Is Crucial For Pharma Sector?

Pharmaceutical or healthcare sector depends largely on offsite records management for smooth operational functioning. Let’s see how offsite records management affects healthcare sector.

Document dominated sector

Pharma sector is an industry where 99% of documents held in possession are confidential.  Hence, being a document dominated sector it is also sensitive as information contained in the documents is patient related. This covers data like drugs prescribed, appointment schedules, and so on. All such confidential files are protected as per data protection act. Therefore, patients need not feel anxious about their private data getting leaked or snooped by a third party.

Lack of space over a period of time

As discussed, the pharma sector is a majorly document dependent industry. This places huge accountability on healthcare sector personnel in terms of keeping the documents’ privacy protected. This is not easy especially when you consider the fact that lot of documents need to preserved for more 20 years or more till infinity. On top of that it often becomes difficult to evade the grappling of nature of bureaucrats, eager to snoop on the private lives of individuals. Other than that, many firms simple see their spaces for document storage dwindle thus making their Document Management System inefficient.

In simple terms, most business run out of storage space for documents over a period of time and are forced to outsource their document storage needs to store their confidential files.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Common Types And Importance Of Offsite Data Storage

Offsite data storage is also known as vaulting. Offsite data storage lets you store data in a separate location than the location where the data is actually used. The data is stored in different formats such as electronic imaging, digital copies, spreadsheets, and other optical storage mediums.

Common types of offsite data storage

The most common type of offside data storage is tape backup. In this the data is stored onto a portable media. After that the data is deleted from the premises.

Data is also archived on portable hard drives within a firm’s onsite servers or computers. The benefit of portable drive is that it stores huge data and are pre-loaded with drivers that are readily compatible with systems thus allowing instant data retrieval. This storage medium is also inexpensive compared to other mediums.

Mirroring | What is it?
As the name suggests, it replicates a digital service or data on multiple mediums. This ensures your data has a reliable backup on more than one mediums lest any medium fails. Now the loophole here is that inspire of being a good alternative of offside storage, it becomes risky when one service merely reflects the other denying storage of past information.

Why Offsite data storage is important?

Businesses for example store huge banks of crucial data on organizational computers and servers. Loss of such huge data means intervening laws and privacy norms and legislation. This can directly hit hard on your business’s reputation causing a financial damage. When you avail offsite data storage, you can recover your business data that may be lost during events like flood and fire.

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