Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What Are The Objects That Moving Companies Don’t Move?

Movers are rescuers. They are willing to move anything you own, don’t cringe during extreme weather and are ready to move you at any distance. So is there anything you they won’t move? Yes, and it is better you know the list in advance of the moving day to prevent disappointment and chaos.

Perilous items

As per federal rules, movers are not allowed to transport hazardous things. The list includes obvious materials such as ammunition, gasoline tanks, and propane tanks. The moving truck may also deny moving not-so-obvious things like car batteries, scuba tanks, nail polishes and darkroom chemicals.

Domestic plants

If you have potted plants at your current home and want to move them to your new home, here’s a news that might pinch a little.

Moving companies look at plants as tricky items to move. Some movers might toss a pot or two on the truck’s rear but most don’t allow during local, intrastate and cross-continental journeys. So you will have to digest the storm and move your favorite domestic nursery all by yourself. There is a risk of transporting bugs and other issues with plants into another place, which prevents movers to move plants.


If you are looking to move everything that’s loaded in your pantry, hold on. You can only move non-perishable stuff while perishable items are a strict no-go regardless of expiration date. It is better to be safe and load the moving truck with long shelf such as canned cereals, veggies and spices.

Concluding tip- It is better to be honest with your moving company about potential issues in advance to prevent denial from mover on the moving day.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Archive Storage Vis-A-Vis Company Retention Policies

Archive storage is an essential part of everyday security phase for companies, large and small. Let’s see what all things you need to take care when it comes to archive storage vis-à-vis respective company retention policies.

Does your company have a clear retention policy?

This is important. The concerned staff needs to know which documents should be thrown and which should not as an important element of well-managed document management system. Large organizations lead the way with archive storage use cases that comply with their retention policies. Companies like Black Box RM know exactly how to archive documents for companies and store them safely including emails, and other electronic documents.

The legal facade

Here we are talking about protecting your business. Most businesses have proper guidelines on storage times various type of documents. For instance, tax documents and legal contracts are crucial documents. They need to remain archived for minimum 4 years. Only an expert, professional document management company can suggest and execute on such stringent timelines in a legal manner. In this way when a legal representative asks you for certain official documents you are able to access them easily thus preventing legal hindrances of any kind.

Protecting your stakeholders

This is another form of legal facade-protecting your stakeholders including your customers. For instance, consider the medical fraternity that consists of dentists, doctors, and psychologists. The medical fraternity uses and stores other people’s information. They need to ensure that they store such sensitive people’s information safely which can only be managed by a trusted Document Management Company that is legally accountable. They know the laws and archive storage mechanisms surrounding the process, and therefore all information stays secured.

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