Monday, 18 January 2016

On Site Versus Off Site Data Storage Services

Data storage is an inseparable part of business management. From receipts to client files to purchasing records, there are lots of documents that hold crucial business related information. The ought to be stored securely. Read on to know major benefits and disbenefits of onsite and offsite data storage to make a wise decision.

Onsite data storage

 The process of data storage within your business offices is known as onsite data storage. The main advantage is that it is a scalable solution. It means that you only increase storage whenever you need to. There’s also the benefit of quickly recovering important data in case of primary storage failure.
Disbenefits include limitations and distractions from the core job. So you will be limited to use the storage space your company provides from budgeting to physical office space. Second, one or many employees handle data management which distracts them from their core job thus slowing productivity.

Offsite data storage

Offsite data storage is gaining mass popularity mainly for its ability to eliminate human error. This is because you benefit from automatic backup of data followed by several backup clones of your data. The data is stored in multiple places. All this reduces risk of loss of data.
The one negative aspect of offsite data storage is that you will need internet access. Therefore, it is bandwidth intensive. The first and second backup process can be pretty time consuming. However, it depends on the size of data.

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