Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Archive Storage Is More Than Storage Of Data?

Every company is legally accountable to archive their documents. So the paper trails go in the boxes and are stored up to 21 years depending on the type of document. Although companies nowadays have wide computer networks that can digitally store data, you need to ensure all your documents are archived into a safe place.

All data needs to be archived

By all data we mean everything- official records, emails, instant messaging, and anything that’s electronic. Courts can ask companies to present any kind of data for legal proceedings. It is therefore important that your archive storage systems are able to store any type of data. The data should be easily retrievable yet protected from trespassers.

Archive storage is more than storing data

Archive storage isn’t just about data storage but also about data retrieval. One should be able to retrieve data quickly and efficiently without data loss. When there is no appropriate technology to accompany archive storage, the huge that is stored can slow down the process of retrieval. As a result, most companies store their data pool in backup tapes. However, backup tapes often are not able to access and store all types of data thus calling for further upgrades. Considering this, it is more cost-effective to have the correct archive storage system placed in your company. Otherwise you will end up doling out significant wages to workers or companies to retrieve the data you need. This also has the risk of losing or leakage of data in the hands of unwanted personnel.

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