Thursday, 22 December 2016

Ensure Complete Business Safety With Reliable Document Storage

The documents or files that any company generates forms an important part of a company’s portfolio. It goes without saying how important it is to protect such documents from off-the-cuff hazards like fire. And to make sure your documents are completely secure, it is important you get a reliable document storage company at your service.

Importance of well designed and secure document storage
A well-organised storage facility will have processes in place to make your document storage effortless at its best.

Accessibility and reliability
It is important that you are able to access your documents whenever required. This is possible only with the help of a well planned and assorted labelling system of a document storage company. Now imagine a scenario where you have to find one document from a particular vault that has multiple shelves stocked with rows upon rows of cabinets in boxes. Manually it is sorted alphabetically, by type and by year and it takes a lot of time! Document storage makes it easier and super quick (few minutes) to access that particular file, or document 24 hours a day.

Document management system- a must for businesses
Reliable storage companies use document management system to ensure complete business safety by having the documents arranged in an organised manner. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to suddenly know that your documents have gone up in smoke? These facilities invest huge money to protect your files from havocs like fire and flood.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Document Management System – Giving Your Files The Protection They Need

When we talk about document storage, many would think that it refers to boxes that store documents. Some may even link it to a warehouse where documents are simply archived for a period of time. However, document storage is more than just storing files in a box or a warehouse.

Choosing the right document storage company
There are many document storage and management companies out there. This makes the task of landing the right document storage company difficult. However, it becomes easy when you start looking from the lens of a ‘people oriented company’ than ‘a mere storage house.’ It simply refers to the reliability of the people concerned.

Are they good customer service personnel?
Get a thorough understanding about the customer service of the document storage company before putting money for their services. Check with past and present customers through online threads or by directly connecting with them. It is essential and goes without saying that the person or company you have decided to connect with should be well equipped with all the knowledge about document storage, handling, procedures and so on.

As per legal sanctity, you should make sure that employees of the document storage company have undergone thorough assessment before becoming a part of the company. It is because documents often contain crucial legal details. And legal practice makes it mandatory to make certain that people can trust the employees of the document storage company to ensure confidentiality.

Contact us for document storage in Dubai.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Some Vital Benefits Of Document Management System You Need To Know

Document management system provides many benefits that help business professionals manage intimidating tasks with ease. The most noteworthy benefits are as follows:

Kick-start your work:
Many business people, especially small business owners find it really helpful when their document management systems give them instant access to their entire file repository at the start of the day. No more tracing files or flipping through stacks of pages for hours until you spot the right document. Get the work done in a few clicks!

Instant wrap up:
Leave for the day without spending hours in figuring out which paper goes in which cabinet. At a click, the document management system will place all your documents in the respective folders. All you need to do is simply shut down and leave peacefully!

Compatible with technology:
Document management system’s compatibility with various modern business software and tools discounts the need to look forward to expensive upgrades. Document management system supports important functionalities like emails, fax and print. It also has embedded document scanning software. Switching to electronic document management system thus enables your business to access emerging technologies which you can use to your advantage.

Blackbox provides comprehensive Storage Services in Dubai, both onsite and offsite data storage solutions.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How Document Management System Helps Streamline Multi-Tasking?

Enhanced productivity helps a business to become efficient. It helps the business to cut down on costs and deploy resources (even if they are limited) to produce optimal outcome.
We cannot deny the fact that many businesses have to manage stacks of documents and files instrumental in determining their productivity and efficiency ratio. The ratio is discouraging when business employees get entangled in the hassles of managing paper documents. Let’s see how electronic document management system boosts business productivity by streamlining multi tasking operations.

Enhanced multi tasking with document management system:
The multi-tasking ability helps a business to improve business productivity.

Consider you are perusing through an important mail of your client. You discover a clause as a part of the agreement letter you are reading which lists certain commitments you made. To ensure the validity of the commitments mentioned, you may need to refer to various documents that you signed. Now, you will have a tough time flipping through various paper based documents. This can be easily avoided with an electronic document management system which enables you to quickly access the required files only without any hassle. At the click of your mouse you can access all your documents from agreements to confidential ones.

Use our reliable document management system and know that multi tasking is no longer a daunting term. Contact us for document storage services in Dubai.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Document Management System: Saves Money And Streamlines Business Operations

Small businesses have fewer tendencies to endure losses and high expenses as compared to the large enterprises. But there’s one thing you can surely control as a small business entrepreneur; the piling costs of storing important documents, files, and records. But how? By moving from the rather tedious physical storage of documents to digitally managed document management system.

How does document management system help in saving costs?
When you store documents in paper form, you are required to allocate a physical place. As the documents pile, so does the need to allocate more and more office space. For many small businesses, it means storing documents and records (even the confidential ones) on offsite locations. The offsite locations demand hefty rents and may or may not be equipped with authentic and advanced security facilities.

Document management system is the best cost cutting tool you can implement for effective functioning of your business. It usually comes with built-in scanning software that enables you to convert your paper files to digital. After you’ve scanned your documents, you can easily retain documents in paper format for legal purposes, whenever needed.

Paper shredding
The paper shredding technology helps to completely destroy the documents post usage so that it cannot be misused.

Document management system not only erases the high costs of offsite storage but also helps businesses to free up precious office space and use it for productive purposes. Additionally, it helps to cut costs on procurement of various items like paper, folders, markers, cabinets, files and so on. Contact our paper shredder company in UAE for reliable document management system solutions.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Document Management System: Essential Rules To Follow

The document management system is something that offers ultimate flexibility to businesses and individuals alike. It offers benefits like less usage of space to store and maintain important records. So what are some rules with respect to document management system? Read on to know.

Record keeping
In the past, record keeping procedure used to be alphabetical, or numerical. At times, companies also used a combination of both in storing and maintaining records.

Today, the evolved technology with its ever-changing rules has given us the intelligent document management system and software. It locates your files by simply conducting a ‘Google-like’ search functionality thus making the process of storing, maintaining and identifying your files, and documents extremely convenient.

The complex laws
There are many complex laws which can at times be difficult to cope with especially for new technology departments. There are stiff fines applicable for vehement breaches of document management retention rules and guidelines. As a result, many CEOs and managers of small, medium and large enterprises are switching to companies that offer specialised document management systems to stay connected with the ever increasing amount of information anytime, anywhere.

Last but not the least, It is also important that your document management company knows the nitty-gritty of records’ disposal i.e. to know how to conveniently dispose-off records permanently and through appropriate means (like paper shredding) once they appear redundant. If the disposal process goes wrong there can be grave repercussions.

Hence, ensure you follow the mandatory rules with respect to storage and maintenance of documents. A smart document management system only enables to garner sufficient flexibility to cope with this behemoth task. Contact us for document storage services in Dubai.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016



An electronic document management system manages the following tasks efficiently.

Verification and security

An electronic document management system employs processes that confirm a user’s authenticity when they log into any system to access the organisation’s files or documents.


An electronic document management system can electronically capture and scan documents. It can scan multiple files at a time by converting and storing the physical documents as digital files, which are then simultaneously scanned as per their native file formats and extensions.


An electronic document management system is adept at performing ‘indexing’ which categorises one or multiple documents into their appropriate locations within the business repositories.


An electronic document management system helps businesses establish an easy to understand and easy to navigate road map to track a documents progress in the organisation’s workflow process. Certain important documents need to flow through different departments to get approvals. In this case, a document management system performs the crucial task of letting the concerned people know the location of the document so that they can expedite the process for effective decision making. It also streamlines the operational functionalities of organisations thus reducing downtime of employees.

An electronic Document Management System serves the primary function of recovering documents during any kind of emergency situation thus ensuring a steady organisational flow.

Hence, businesses prefer electronic document management systems over simple document management systems due the former’s ability to function as a comprehensive and fast security and storage suite for all their important files and documents.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How To Make Optimal Use Of Document And Archive Storage?

Many individuals and businesses use off-site document and storage units to make their homes and offices more spacious. However, many consider off-site storage houses as expensive and therefore don’t opt for any. This blog reveals offsite storage as an option that is not expensive at all plus it can be used for various purposes like:

1.    Medical records storage

Off-site storage is secure and easy to access and therefore is used by many large hospitals to store important records assembled over the years, or other information that otherwise consume a lot of space.

2.    Contracts

Off-site storage units can be used as safe havens to store copies of confidential and historic contracts. It acts as a secure backup option to expedite disaster recovery processes. For instance, we are a company that meets the Storage in Dubai needs of people efficiently with our comprehensive Document Management System packages.

3.    Planning records

These include every document that contains drawings and plans required to get approvals. Store all your documents required for planning permission in off-site storage units and experience easy and fast access to documents whenever required.

4.    Financial documents

The law and order of any country requires its citizens to maintain their yearly financial records intact and submit whenever asked. There’s no better option than an off-site document management system that is secure and gives you access to your documents whenever needed.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

What Are The Main Characteristics Of The Ideal Document Storage Provider?

When you have an off-site provider to take care of your records management needs, you experience streamlined business operations. But how do you select the right storage house to take care of your important documents and records? Here’s a simple guide with the right tips to help you choose the right document management system.

The first thing to tick off your checklist is to find a company that’s that suits your needs. Ask questions about the company’s mission and vision statement and see if that aligns with your own. How many years have they been in the document management system business? Why choose them? How do they differentiate from others? Are they capable enough to provide you with audited accounts and references? Are they a part of trusted trade communions?

There’s rapid rise in data theft incidents. Therefore, the main concern in today’s era of Document Management System is security of your information. The growing incidents of identity theft ensues us to rightly conclude that personal information is a much sought after ‘article of trade’ amongst all opportunist criminals. Nevertheless, security of data and information is important to protecting an organisation’s interest and the dignity of its employees, clients or customers. So, when you are outsourcing the upkeep of your important files, records and data you don’t want them to linger in the unknown.

You don’t want others to access this confidential information anyhow. Hence, you need to ensure that the security claims of your off-site document storage company is tried and tested through all means and meets the required standards you set within your own company.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

How Does Off Site Storage Facility Help In Disaster Recovery?

What would you do if you find out that your records get blown up in flames due to fragile in-house storage? To prevent such situations, there are offsite storage centres that are equipped with advanced fire suppression gears.

Prevents the damage

Offsite storage centres are invaluable in terms of providing complete protection to your important documents and records. This enables the affected company to get back up and running.


Offsite storage centres follow an organised approach to storing documents which proves extremely handy during legal matters. Many disclosure laws require companies to release documents at the earliest. The Document Management System of offsite storage companies help you to index your documents to be easily found and retrieved, hence further aiding in disaster recovery.

Some tips to find an offsite storage company that meets your needs
  • Get several quotes for storage companies around your location to arrive at an informed decision.
  • Check and ensure the facility is equipped with advanced security and safety systems by actually visiting the centre.
  • Another necessary factor to check is the average time it takes for the company to retrieve documents at your request. It usually takes one business day but this is something you should always consider and make sure the company follows what it claims.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

What Is The Right Time To Opt For Off-site Document Storage?

We are living in the decade of paperless offices, but it’s had to overlook the growing number of hard copies, everyday. These huge volumes of documents are flooding our file cabinets, thereby turning those official spaces into storage rooms. There are many reasons like lack of storage space to opt for offsite document storage. As you read them, you only come to know how logical they are.

Reason 1- cost:

It takes 20 minutes on an average for a low skilled person to locate a document and make a copy that comes to 3 dollars every time the person touches the document. So if the worker retrieves 8-9 documents every day, they spend around 30% of their time on this task.

Reason 2- legal implications:

When you are not able to find a document it can lead to annulations of justice charges, losing in a lawsuit and revenue loss from un-collected debt.

Reason 3- Security

It is obvious that an offsite storage centre provider greater level of security than less unsecured storage closets. Offsite storage facilities protect your documents using advanced security systems, locks, cameras and verified employees. You also eliminate the chances of unwanted people from accessing sensitive data and information.

We endeavor to make Storage in Dubai easily accessible through our comprehensive Electronic Document Management System solutions. Contact us if you want to switch to the best off site document storage services.

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Monday, 11 July 2016

What Are The 3 Things A Document Storage Provider Must Provide?

Documents, and files increase in number but the space doesn’t. You need to buy space, which is a costly affair. So what is the best option? To contact a document storage provider. But hold on. Before you finalize a document storage service provider, ensure it meets 3 important requirements.

1.    Organisation

There is nothing more annoying than to be not able to find a particular document especially when you need it the most. This happens when documents or files are not organised. Hence, you should ensure that your document storage service provider categories your documents in a way that makes it easy to find it whenever necessary.

2.    Convenience

It is very important that you have easy access to your files. It’s the key to an effective and convenient storage system that you will want to align with. So do you have easy access to your documents? Are you able to easily access your important statements whenever necessary? How many hurdles you need to overcome to reach your documents? All these are questions to consider while assessing a document storage service provider.

3.    Space

It is important that you analyse whether a particular storage provider provides enough space to hold all your documents and files or no. You'll want to find out how many various types of documents and statements you want to store each week or month and then decide on the amount of space you will require. When you get the right storage service provider, you get to enjoy your life better when you have to worry less about your documents.

Contact our Storage Services Dubai team to make your lives easy.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How Do You Determine The Reputation Of A Document Storage Company?

You must be well aware that storing archived documents on your own company site is costly than outsourcing it to a document storage company. Have you ever calculated the money you’re spending on per square to store huge cabinets of documents? Do you have a plan of action in place when your on site archive storage space costs you more than necessary? To help businesses make the most of their space, offsite archive storage facilities provide a space outside the organizational premises taking care of storage, security and maintenance of documents. There are many storage facilities out there but only some are reliable, and efficient in terms of their services and quality of services provided. So how do you determine the reputation of a document storage company? Here is a quick checklist-

Cost Effective

One of the factors that determine the reliability of any document storage company is its ability to provide cost-effective solutions. Every individual or company has different kinds of storage requirements and budgets. For instance, a company may want to store 50 computers for a 6 month lease for new set of employees to be hired by then. Search for a company that gives some good deals on such bulk contracts. The company also benefits as the organization then prefers to make it its long-term storage partner for outsourcing their huge storage needs.

Dedication and Uniqueness

Other most important factors include the company’s level of dedication to security and provision of unique and advanced management systems that enable you to easily access your archived documents whenever required.

Our Storage in Dubai Company provides reliable and comprehensive document management system solutions.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Progression Of Document Storage & Document Management System

The term document storage has been around from the days of yore. However, the process of document storage has only evolved thus leading to progression of document storage through all these years.

Evolution of document management system

Now document storage basically means to retain and store critical business information safely over a period of time. The means to document storage has evolved from mere box storage to password –backed security folders.

If you drive down the spiral of document storage and try imagining the very past, you will know that storing documents safely meant to store them in a locked room or cupboard. However, today you will find the Document Management System to be technologically fortified making it safer, and easier to store and access documents.

Why it makes sense to switch to off-site document storage?

All companies don’t own large office spaces. For instance, in Dubai there are many offices that pay huge rents for every inch of space. In such cases Storage Dubai companies offering reliable document management services are a boon to such companies. Storing stacks of documents, and files in offices that take up enough space is waste of space and money. The company can instead use the space more productively as canteens, brainstorming or meeting room or more space for employees which give returns than stacks of paper just eating the space. Off-site document storage also helps the company to delegate the mundane task of maintaining lot of documents regularly that involves recurring costs.

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Monday, 9 May 2016

The Key To Improved Business Efficiency- Records Management

Having a good records management makes it possible for businesses to enhance efficiency and cut down costs. A records management system is supposed to indentify and classify documents appropriately via archival and storage mechanisms as well as lay mechanism to retrieve required documents easily. It is also responsible for secure destruction of records thus making records management an important end-to-end process and an integral determinant of business efficiency.

Why there’s a need for a good records management firm?

A credible record management firm assists you to set up an appropriate Records Management system that helps to easily sort and organize important documents and records for safe storage and disposal.

For instance, quick access to precise records enables faster decision making or dispute resolution by having a conclusive know-how about the when, who, how and why. 

Disasters like electronic catastrophes or fire mishaps can destroy crucial business records. However, if they are stored off-site safely under a good records management system, it eliminates major panic. In fact the secure archival and storage of records even eliminates the need to spend exorbitant amounts on placing records in various filing cabinets or rooms consuming huge office spaces.


When you keep multiple staff for managing your important business records chances are high of the records getting misplaced or mishandled. A good records management system like ours that includes Storage in Dubai solutions ensures complete safety of your records with robust and advanced security protocols and safety procedures.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

How Do You Make Space And Enhance Efficiency In Office? By Document Archiving

There is no worse case scenario than employees or director getting befuddled when inundated with stack of documents. And you will notice the change of mood when these same documents are converted into electronic archives that are not only easily manageable but also make immense space that can be use to creative productive business environments.

Why document archiving?

It absolves you from the mundane task of allocation and restructuring files in appropriate cabinets. It makes space issues voidable or matter of past. You utilize space in better ways that enhance business and individual productivity. Also you save lot of time and money.

Reduction in unnecessary investments

When you take the route of electronic Document Management System, you save money that otherwise are spent on off-site warehousing, stacks of cabinets, archive boxes and containers and so on. When you store documents physically you will need to spend for all the above products. It not only costs a lot but also consumes significant space. It also makes the space look untidy, the desks appearing cluttered making office less productive and uninteresting to work.

Ultimate solution

Our team of Storage in Dubai provides the ultimate solution to increase efficiency in your companies by opting or document archiving or electronic document management system. Our electronic document storage solutions enable instant search and retrieval of specific files at a click. Every document stored is secure, and archived. You can share files with people and also set limitations to share for confidential files with quicker backup and recovery features.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Why A Company Should Opt For Archive Storage?

If your organization manages a great deal of documents from record data files to consumer orders to client reports, you might want to consider taking the route of archive storage if not taken yet. But why? Here is a list of answers to all your major why’s…

Solves space problems

Any workplace has only limited amount of space. Even if you digitize documents, it only solves few of your archive storage problems. There will always be other set of documents lying in physical form which you will require to keep for certain reasons, legal or professional. It is only better and safe to have these stored securely off-site rather than unwanted people accessing them or paper getting lost when you need them.

Peace of mind

Wouldn’t you be relaxed when you know your documents are secure under the supervision of advanced equipments like CCTV, and on site guard? That’s what off-site archival storage provider offers- peace of mind with 24 hour protection of your documents.

It is not expensive

One of the largest Information Management Dubai Company conducted a research that proves that many companies and individuals refrain from taking the archive storage route presuming it to be pricey. However, it is not the case. Today, you have many archive storage companies that offer flexible pricing models. They provide you with specialized solutions tailor-made to your requirements. So money is certainly not a reason to avoid investing in archival storage.

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Monday, 18 April 2016

Major Checkpoints Of A Good Document Storage Company

Storage of documents has become an important concern for organizations worldwide. Documents possess critical data for organizations to help in various aspects like effective decision making, retrieving important business records and so on. Now fortunately, there are lots of document storage providers in the market. This, however, makes the task of determining the most reputable company even more difficult. Here are some easy solutions to help you choose the right document storage company.

It is more than numbers

A good provider is not the one that only provides cheap initial quote. It is the one that provides solutions tailor made to your archiving and retrieval needs rather than mere fancy quotes.

It is flexible

Choose a Document Management System company that offers fully managed storage services. A company that assists you in taming down costs and achieve operational efficiencies. Such companies are flexible in terms of pricing. So you have options of choosing traditional tariff based prices or all-inclusive prices for document storage and handling.

It is always ready to help

A good document management system company is always willing to help you from assistance in identification of records that can be safely destroyed to records that are better off when moved off-site from pricey office space. If you are supervising a digitization or records shredding program, a good company will assist you to handle it efficiently.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Why Offsite Records Management Is Crucial For Pharma Sector?

Pharmaceutical or healthcare sector depends largely on offsite records management for smooth operational functioning. Let’s see how offsite records management affects healthcare sector.

Document dominated sector

Pharma sector is an industry where 99% of documents held in possession are confidential.  Hence, being a document dominated sector it is also sensitive as information contained in the documents is patient related. This covers data like drugs prescribed, appointment schedules, and so on. All such confidential files are protected as per data protection act. Therefore, patients need not feel anxious about their private data getting leaked or snooped by a third party.

Lack of space over a period of time

As discussed, the pharma sector is a majorly document dependent industry. This places huge accountability on healthcare sector personnel in terms of keeping the documents’ privacy protected. This is not easy especially when you consider the fact that lot of documents need to preserved for more 20 years or more till infinity. On top of that it often becomes difficult to evade the grappling of nature of bureaucrats, eager to snoop on the private lives of individuals. Other than that, many firms simple see their spaces for document storage dwindle thus making their Document Management System inefficient.

In simple terms, most business run out of storage space for documents over a period of time and are forced to outsource their document storage needs to store their confidential files.

At Blackbox RM, we provide ultimate comprehensive storage solutions particularly catering to Storage in Dubai. Healthcare firms can rely on us for judicious handling of their most confidential documents without worrying of a single letter being spied or leaked.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Common Types And Importance Of Offsite Data Storage

Offsite data storage is also known as vaulting. Offsite data storage lets you store data in a separate location than the location where the data is actually used. The data is stored in different formats such as electronic imaging, digital copies, spreadsheets, and other optical storage mediums.

Common types of offsite data storage

The most common type of offside data storage is tape backup. In this the data is stored onto a portable media. After that the data is deleted from the premises.

Data is also archived on portable hard drives within a firm’s onsite servers or computers. The benefit of portable drive is that it stores huge data and are pre-loaded with drivers that are readily compatible with systems thus allowing instant data retrieval. This storage medium is also inexpensive compared to other mediums.

Mirroring | What is it?
As the name suggests, it replicates a digital service or data on multiple mediums. This ensures your data has a reliable backup on more than one mediums lest any medium fails. Now the loophole here is that inspire of being a good alternative of offside storage, it becomes risky when one service merely reflects the other denying storage of past information.

Why Offsite data storage is important?

Businesses for example store huge banks of crucial data on organizational computers and servers. Loss of such huge data means intervening laws and privacy norms and legislation. This can directly hit hard on your business’s reputation causing a financial damage. When you avail offsite data storage, you can recover your business data that may be lost during events like flood and fire.

For any kind of Document Management System assistance, contact our Dubai storage company.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What Are The Objects That Moving Companies Don’t Move?

Movers are rescuers. They are willing to move anything you own, don’t cringe during extreme weather and are ready to move you at any distance. So is there anything you they won’t move? Yes, and it is better you know the list in advance of the moving day to prevent disappointment and chaos.

Perilous items

As per federal rules, movers are not allowed to transport hazardous things. The list includes obvious materials such as ammunition, gasoline tanks, and propane tanks. The moving truck may also deny moving not-so-obvious things like car batteries, scuba tanks, nail polishes and darkroom chemicals.

Domestic plants

If you have potted plants at your current home and want to move them to your new home, here’s a news that might pinch a little.

Moving companies look at plants as tricky items to move. Some movers might toss a pot or two on the truck’s rear but most don’t allow during local, intrastate and cross-continental journeys. So you will have to digest the storm and move your favorite domestic nursery all by yourself. There is a risk of transporting bugs and other issues with plants into another place, which prevents movers to move plants.


If you are looking to move everything that’s loaded in your pantry, hold on. You can only move non-perishable stuff while perishable items are a strict no-go regardless of expiration date. It is better to be safe and load the moving truck with long shelf such as canned cereals, veggies and spices.

Concluding tip- It is better to be honest with your moving company about potential issues in advance to prevent denial from mover on the moving day.

If you have important documents to store or move, consult our Storage in Dubai personnel. 

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Archive Storage Vis-A-Vis Company Retention Policies

Archive storage is an essential part of everyday security phase for companies, large and small. Let’s see what all things you need to take care when it comes to archive storage vis-à-vis respective company retention policies.

Does your company have a clear retention policy?

This is important. The concerned staff needs to know which documents should be thrown and which should not as an important element of well-managed document management system. Large organizations lead the way with archive storage use cases that comply with their retention policies. Companies like Black Box RM know exactly how to archive documents for companies and store them safely including emails, and other electronic documents.

The legal facade

Here we are talking about protecting your business. Most businesses have proper guidelines on storage times various type of documents. For instance, tax documents and legal contracts are crucial documents. They need to remain archived for minimum 4 years. Only an expert, professional document management company can suggest and execute on such stringent timelines in a legal manner. In this way when a legal representative asks you for certain official documents you are able to access them easily thus preventing legal hindrances of any kind.

Protecting your stakeholders

This is another form of legal facade-protecting your stakeholders including your customers. For instance, consider the medical fraternity that consists of dentists, doctors, and psychologists. The medical fraternity uses and stores other people’s information. They need to ensure that they store such sensitive people’s information safely which can only be managed by a trusted Document Management Company that is legally accountable. They know the laws and archive storage mechanisms surrounding the process, and therefore all information stays secured.

Blackbox RM even provides secure Tape Archive Storage facilities in Dubai


Monday, 18 January 2016

On Site Versus Off Site Data Storage Services

Data storage is an inseparable part of business management. From receipts to client files to purchasing records, there are lots of documents that hold crucial business related information. The ought to be stored securely. Read on to know major benefits and disbenefits of onsite and offsite data storage to make a wise decision.

Onsite data storage

 The process of data storage within your business offices is known as onsite data storage. The main advantage is that it is a scalable solution. It means that you only increase storage whenever you need to. There’s also the benefit of quickly recovering important data in case of primary storage failure.
Disbenefits include limitations and distractions from the core job. So you will be limited to use the storage space your company provides from budgeting to physical office space. Second, one or many employees handle data management which distracts them from their core job thus slowing productivity.

Offsite data storage

Offsite data storage is gaining mass popularity mainly for its ability to eliminate human error. This is because you benefit from automatic backup of data followed by several backup clones of your data. The data is stored in multiple places. All this reduces risk of loss of data.
The one negative aspect of offsite data storage is that you will need internet access. Therefore, it is bandwidth intensive. The first and second backup process can be pretty time consuming. However, it depends on the size of data.

Blackbox RM provides comprehensive Storage Services Dubai, both onsite and offsite data storage solutions.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Archive Storage Is More Than Storage Of Data?

Every company is legally accountable to archive their documents. So the paper trails go in the boxes and are stored up to 21 years depending on the type of document. Although companies nowadays have wide computer networks that can digitally store data, you need to ensure all your documents are archived into a safe place.

All data needs to be archived

By all data we mean everything- official records, emails, instant messaging, and anything that’s electronic. Courts can ask companies to present any kind of data for legal proceedings. It is therefore important that your archive storage systems are able to store any type of data. The data should be easily retrievable yet protected from trespassers.

Archive storage is more than storing data

Archive storage isn’t just about data storage but also about data retrieval. One should be able to retrieve data quickly and efficiently without data loss. When there is no appropriate technology to accompany archive storage, the huge that is stored can slow down the process of retrieval. As a result, most companies store their data pool in backup tapes. However, backup tapes often are not able to access and store all types of data thus calling for further upgrades. Considering this, it is more cost-effective to have the correct archive storage system placed in your company. Otherwise you will end up doling out significant wages to workers or companies to retrieve the data you need. This also has the risk of losing or leakage of data in the hands of unwanted personnel.

Blackbox RM is a trusted Document Management System company. It caters to Storage in Dubai requirements offering storage solutions that satisfy individual and corporate storage needs in Dubai.

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