Monday, 21 December 2015

Offsite Storage Management- Important For Information Management?

Efficient storage capabilities ameliorate an organization’s functioning capabilities. It is because information management take a good chunk of time and money when not in place. And one of the keys to efficient information management Dubai or anywhere else is offsite storage management.

Paper shredding for secure offsite storage management
There are 16 Dubai free zones. Record number of firms joined Dubai Chamber in H1 2014 adding 8,700 new companies. This makes the Dubai Chamber membership count to 160,000 making it one of the largest chambers of commerce in the world! Why the statistics you may think? The stats unitedly point to one fact being that these companies unitedly generate loads of confidential papers.

That means barricade of files containing numerous important, official, and confidential papers. And even the most powerful company can turn helpless when their confidential information is leaked. Great burden can be reduced with the help of a reliable paper shredding company in Dubai. You can take help of renowned shredder Dubai Service Company to prevent client or business confidentiality leak.

Efficient storage of files is crucial to run a business. However, equally important is to ensure confidential files are destroyed to protect crucial data leak by invaders. Now the problem with in-house shredding is that companies need to allocate or hire a group of staff or use a bog standard office shredder to destroy the files. This is much time consuming, monotonous, costly, and hinders productivity.

Also it may or may not be done professionally to the very last strand. Meaning if every last page, till the very last strand is not destroyed, the entire shredding effort is of no use. An invader can recon the entire mountain seeing the peak.

BlackBox Rm is an Information Management Dubai company that offers a safe, competent and well organised shredding service ensuring every last page is disposed-off securely.

Monday, 14 December 2015

5 Easy and Effective Tips For Data Protection

Delegating the task of your business data protection to a document management system service is one thing. However, how to protect your everyday day data on a personal level?

Here are some easy yet effective tips for data protection-

Save after every edit
This makes every effort of yours count and locked so that you don’t lose any updated data. You can use ‘auto-save’ feature in your application that saves your data as you work.

Maintain a data backup offsite
Backing up data onsite is a good thing, but not the only thing. Disasters like fire can completely destroy your onsite data backup. Therefore, it makes sense to maintain a data backup offsite by delegating that responsibility to a reliable, legally accountable document management system service provider.

Disable automated opening of email attachments
If your email reader opens up attachments automatically, you must disable the feature. It is safe to run attachments as well as download files using a virus scanner. Don’t trust disks or attachments or media files received from strangers, they may contain viruses!

Update your software
Ensure you keep updating your software especially your anti-virus software. You can enable and automate updates for such important software.

Keep your passwords protected
When you’re online, your identity is your user id. Hackers are on a constant spree to hack into user accounts and steal crucial data like credit card access credentials, bank accounts, and other personal info. Also if anyone uses your account to access confidential networks or any such illicit activity, you will be responsible. Hence, ensure that you change passwords on a regular basis.

Why not transfer your personal or business data protection woes on a company that does it best? Your data says safe with us, always.