Monday, 5 October 2015

Why 90% Organizations Suffer At Least One Data Loss?

Data loss occurs when there is no proper document management system in place. The 90% organizations that suffer data loss attribute the loss due to unorganized documents’ placement facilities.

What happens when your document management system is not optimized?

When the document management system and printing process are not optimized it causes the company to face deluge of losses. There are many companies that have been forced to shut down due to lack of optimized document management systems that incurred expenditures greater than operating revenues!

60% of small- and medium-sized organizations want to decrease paper usage by implementing means like Imaging and Electronic Storage.

How to avoid losses due to unorganized document management?

It is always advisable for companies who handle enough documents to outsource their need of document management. A professional company that provides comprehensive document management system is your ultimate solution to cut down unnecessary in-house document management costs which often causes crucial data loss.

The cost of time spent looking for documents or working on the wrong versions of documents adds up quickly. This costs a business thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per year.Employees’ often waste time while they update or work on documents which are outdated. This happens as there was no way the management could know and inform that the documents are outdated or belong to the wrong version. Many organizations even report loss of important documents or accidentally destroy important documents.

A professional Document Management System provides opportunities for greater operational control, and improved productivity as then employees don’t spend their precious time looking for paper-based documents which neither adds value to customers nor improves the bottom line.

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