Monday, 7 September 2015

What Are The 3Key Attributes To Look For While Choosing Storage Unit in Dubai?

It is not a matter of hush-hush that people in Dubai often keep moving for many reasons like boost of rental prices, landlord troubles or employment changes. Another stark reason that provokes movement of people is their requirements for larger space. Moving can be stressful when you are not able to locate the right Dubai storage services quickly. The storage units are important to store your valuable assets like furniture until you find a proper relocation.  Here are 3 ways to make finding and locating Document storage in Dubai easy.


Check for small volume Dubai storage services

Most storage services in Dubai, charge a monthly minimum for their storage Dubai services. These usually, don’t cater to small volume requirements like storing 3 boxes of documents for 2 weeks. Black Box is one such storage provider in Dubai that provides small volume and commercial storage services like document storage. Additionally, it provides secured document destruction, imaging and electronic storage, data protection, and secure shredding services.

Check for air conditioning

If you are looking for storage Dubai services to store things like essential documents and soft furniture, it is essential you ensure that proper air conditioning mechanisms are in place. Otherwise, expect them to undergo wear and tear if you store for a long time.

Check for lockable storage units

Depending on things you are storing, you would want to ensure that your things are stored in fortified lockable units. And the key to access the unit only lies with you.  This is important when you want to store items like important documents, valuable and expensive furniture.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Enhanced Storage Services To Serve Your Storage Needs

Storage in Dubai is a category that is looked upon as a source to satisfy two things- increase space in homes or offices and safe storage of valuables to prevent damage. In the same manner, Document Storage forms an important segment of storage services Dubai sector. Are you pressed under the inundation of paper documents? Do you find it hard to locate the documents and often loose important ones? Evade these troubles by implementing electronic document management system. Apart from greater operational efficiency you will receive the following benefits.

Track past data- Dubai storage

It is difficult to track past data or documents when they are in the form of papers. It involves tedious evaluation of individual documents to trace the data you want. Document management system is part of our storage Dubai package where you can track the entire document history easily through a single dashboard.

Makes recording documents an easy task

Any company produces numerous documents including regulatory documents and employee related documents. Managing all these in the form of papers is extremely difficult.  Our storage Dubai platform provides enhanced timeliness, better inspection rates and enhanced submission readiness so that you can retrieve documents seamlessly as and when required.

Storage in Dubai can be a difficult task especially for the frequent travelers moving in-and-out of Dubai. We introduce you to our storage solutions to satisfy your storage needs in Dubai.

We offer storage services in Dubai providing document storage, secured document destruction, imaging and electronic storage and data protection.