Monday, 17 August 2015

4 Reasons To Switch to Electronic Document Management System

There are so many firms that struggle managing huge set of paper documents. There are only 2 main reasons why most companies don’t switch to electronic document management system. First, they are not aware about the benefits of switching to Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Second, companies face major technical, financial and operational barriers to implement electronic document management systems.

Further, you can browse through 4 reasons to switch to electronic document management system.

Reason #1Full document history available

Imagine you work on a latest document version. Without built-in version control, it becomes impossible to view the entire document history. EDMS platform enables you to automatically view past documents. It gives you access to the entire document history.

Reason #2Face no complexities

EDMS offers a platform where everyone works on a single document system. As a result, problems related to multiple document copies are eliminated.

Reason #3Enhanced timeliness

Consider a drug company. To produce and distribute drugs within specified timelines is a top priority for any drug company. And for the company has to procure and process many regulatory documents. EDMS provides Document Management processes that carry forward the documents automatically through their lifecycles. EDMS scrapes off bottlenecks in timely generation of documents and records. This leads to enhanced timeliness, better inspection rates and enhanced submission readiness.

Reason #4 – Regulated content

We all know that Email is a wonderful tool that revolutionized the way we work. However, email often creates issues in terms of content management. Email often creates storage and security issues. This complicates document version control. With EDMS, you don’t need to distribute content through email, improving control and security over regulated content.