Monday, 15 June 2015

Want To Keep Your Business Data and Documents Safe? Embrace Information Governance

Information governance (IG) other than imaging and electronic storage is the safest method to keep your business data safe. However, there is one factor which hinders IG implementation. It is that stakeholders often have diverse objectives and strategies to manage information. Implementing collaborative IG strategies may be imbued with critical financial and reputational risks.

Hence, to make successfully implement Information Governance, it is important that you follow a methodical step-by-step process.

The process is as follows-

Plan it out-

For maximum efficiency, ensure that you create an IG plan which enables flexible adjustments. We know that the balance between digital and physical data shifts. Hence, it is important your IG strategy has the ability to replicate those changes. Your IG strategy should be reviewed regularly as well as modified as and when necessary to match with your company’s IG needs.

Is there a liaison between everyone’s goals?

Records managers, IT and legal departments all have their own distinct functions and ideas about how to approach Data Management.  Their priorities are based on what their individual departments need. However, in order for an IG plan to be effective, there must be cooperation and better understanding of everyone’s goals.

Create Efficiencies-

When it is about IG, technology is crucial. Solutions which ease the management and organization of physical as well as digital data exist. They exponentially reduce price, time and other inaccuracies. Other solutions include services like Imaging and Electronic Storage.

Technology enables easy maintenance of the retention schedules to evade compliance issues in future.

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