Sunday, 17 May 2015

Benefits Of Electronic Document Management System

The popularity of digital document management systems continues to soar. Document management systems including image and electronic storage, use scanners for making digital copies of documents. The documents are then coded. These codes enable linking of documents to specific files or accounts. Optical character reading (OCR) systems give insights into the contents of every page. All these features make document management systems like Image and Electronic Storage extremely feasible.

Easy Access
The moment you scan any document, you can access it from any computer. Now compare this with traditional paper files, which needs to be stored in file cabinets or rooms followed be frequent retrieval and delivery to the concerned employee. The latter is devoid of facilities like easy and quick access by other employee, tracking and sharing.

OCR Benefits

When you scan a document, OCR examines the text. After that it creates digital version of the contents which gets stored along with the documents. In this way an employee can instantly create a file which can be searched instantly by other employee.

Such transformation of ordinary files into vast databases of information is used for marketing, audit as well as management purposes.

Cost Benefits

Switching to electronic documents is a tremendous cost-saver for most companies. You are relieved from huge costs related to filing cabinets, supplies and the real estate required to store them on site.

Security Benefits 

The complicated task of protecting confidential information gets simplified with digital Document Management System, where paper files stored in cabinets can be sometimes accessed by unwanted personnel where there no use of encrypted passwords and authentication systems.

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