Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Streamlining Data: How Record Management can change your business

BlackBox Record Management can change how you do your business.

With our tools and resources, we can transform your document storage into a secure and accessible records storage system. With our expertise, you will save storage space, employee time and business cost.

We will start by assessing your current record management collection and storage situation to understand what you are missing and how we can help organize your storage better.

Scanning and Imaging
We turn your paper documents into digital files that can be stored, maintained and tracked easily.

One of the things high-functioning companies do differently is storing their files digitally. When you store your documents digitally, you keep them secure in the long run. Also you can easily manage who can access the documents and can track each document.
Black Box Web Hosted Repository
Our online repository and data server holds the digital version of your documents records.

Safety and confidentiality are the pillars of our business and our web server is protected by several strong encryptions and passwords to provide complete security for your business.

Only employees that have been given security clearance can access your company records.

Free Online Tools
You can also use our free online tools for on-the-file document conversation. Here are the tools we offer:

1. File to PDF
With our free online document converter, you can convert files to PDF and also convert PDF files to other formats.
- Convert files from MS word, PowerPoint, Excel, image files and RichText files to PDF
- Convert PDF files to image or PowerPoint presentations

2. Optical Character Recognition Tool
With our OCR tool, you can convert an image or PDF file to text.
- Convert PDF file to Word, Excel or Text
- Convert image file to Word, Excel or Text

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