Monday, 21 December 2015

Offsite Storage Management- Important For Information Management?

Efficient storage capabilities ameliorate an organization’s functioning capabilities. It is because information management take a good chunk of time and money when not in place. And one of the keys to efficient information management Dubai or anywhere else is offsite storage management.

Paper shredding for secure offsite storage management
There are 16 Dubai free zones. Record number of firms joined Dubai Chamber in H1 2014 adding 8,700 new companies. This makes the Dubai Chamber membership count to 160,000 making it one of the largest chambers of commerce in the world! Why the statistics you may think? The stats unitedly point to one fact being that these companies unitedly generate loads of confidential papers.

That means barricade of files containing numerous important, official, and confidential papers. And even the most powerful company can turn helpless when their confidential information is leaked. Great burden can be reduced with the help of a reliable paper shredding company in Dubai. You can take help of renowned shredder Dubai Service Company to prevent client or business confidentiality leak.

Efficient storage of files is crucial to run a business. However, equally important is to ensure confidential files are destroyed to protect crucial data leak by invaders. Now the problem with in-house shredding is that companies need to allocate or hire a group of staff or use a bog standard office shredder to destroy the files. This is much time consuming, monotonous, costly, and hinders productivity.

Also it may or may not be done professionally to the very last strand. Meaning if every last page, till the very last strand is not destroyed, the entire shredding effort is of no use. An invader can recon the entire mountain seeing the peak.

BlackBox Rm is an Information Management Dubai company that offers a safe, competent and well organised shredding service ensuring every last page is disposed-off securely.

Monday, 14 December 2015

5 Easy and Effective Tips For Data Protection

Delegating the task of your business data protection to a document management system service is one thing. However, how to protect your everyday day data on a personal level?

Here are some easy yet effective tips for data protection-

Save after every edit
This makes every effort of yours count and locked so that you don’t lose any updated data. You can use ‘auto-save’ feature in your application that saves your data as you work.

Maintain a data backup offsite
Backing up data onsite is a good thing, but not the only thing. Disasters like fire can completely destroy your onsite data backup. Therefore, it makes sense to maintain a data backup offsite by delegating that responsibility to a reliable, legally accountable document management system service provider.

Disable automated opening of email attachments
If your email reader opens up attachments automatically, you must disable the feature. It is safe to run attachments as well as download files using a virus scanner. Don’t trust disks or attachments or media files received from strangers, they may contain viruses!

Update your software
Ensure you keep updating your software especially your anti-virus software. You can enable and automate updates for such important software.

Keep your passwords protected
When you’re online, your identity is your user id. Hackers are on a constant spree to hack into user accounts and steal crucial data like credit card access credentials, bank accounts, and other personal info. Also if anyone uses your account to access confidential networks or any such illicit activity, you will be responsible. Hence, ensure that you change passwords on a regular basis.

Why not transfer your personal or business data protection woes on a company that does it best? Your data says safe with us, always.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Government organizations and businesses benefit from secure document storage.

Storing and managing documents of various types is a part of any organization’s record management strategy. And when there's an adequate and secure solution, confidential data can be compromised. In this article, we'll tell you about keeping your documents top secret.

Secure document storage enables effective decision-making at organizations

A wrong document could lead to wrong decision

Secure Document Storage enables easy classification and identification of particular documents. When there is an insufficient record management policy in place, document storage becomes ineffective. The records management policy makes document storage effective where one can name and sort his documents with clear guidelines. As a result, it reduces and eventually eliminates inaccuracies in data extraction. 

Secure document storage enables storage durability

Certain archives or documents of governments need to be stored for hundreds of years. Have you ever wondered how they store the documents safely so that the concerned party can access it even this time? How documents are protected from fading of data, and hazards? With the help of secure document storage or document management system, of course. Consider Dubai for example. Today, with the help of Imaging & Electronic Storage Dubai, organizations both private and government, can store paper documents as visual media. There are also other techniques like microfiche and other film-based media techniques to store physical documents in digital form. No need for papers or extra money to store that huge stack of papers.

Our storage experts and Document Management System experts are the best in the business, keeping your data safe and secure. We're ready to assist with your document requirements.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Document Storage Do I Need It?

Document management system has been pretty instrumental in providing an ultimate document storage solution. In Dubai itself, the term storage in Dubai is highly competitive, and do you know what most users are searching for? Document management system.

Do you need more reasons to implement effective document storage? Here they are-

Because either way it consumes huge space

Let’s take Dubai for example. Storage in Dubai is not an easy task for organization when it takes the form of numerous documents or papers. These papers contain confidential information which need a safe locker to prevent them from getting misused. Such type of document storage consumes colossal space in offices which can rather be used to have more desks, meeting rooms, and so on. In simple words, storing documents in this way obstructs constructive use of space.

Because either way it leaves your confidential data defenseless

Document Management System means your documents are archived in digital form (imaging and electronic storage) which are safely locked with robust passwords. On the other end, when you store documents in physical form, you leave them defenseless. For instance, a person can easily get access to the documents and use the obtained data with a malicious intent. In other cases, if you choose to destroy the physical documents (as opposed to Imaging and Electronic Storage where you can just hide the files or keep them in separate folders if you don’t need them), it leads to chaos when suddenly those perished documents are required to extract useful information like a crucial evidence. But it is gone!


Document Management System reduces work space clutter, encourages productive use of space, leaves more time for staff to engage in productive work rather than organizing files, and saves lot of money in the long-term. 

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Why 90% Organizations Suffer At Least One Data Loss?

Data loss occurs when there is no proper document management system in place. The 90% organizations that suffer data loss attribute the loss due to unorganized documents’ placement facilities.

What happens when your document management system is not optimized?

When the document management system and printing process are not optimized it causes the company to face deluge of losses. There are many companies that have been forced to shut down due to lack of optimized document management systems that incurred expenditures greater than operating revenues!

60% of small- and medium-sized organizations want to decrease paper usage by implementing means like Imaging and Electronic Storage.

How to avoid losses due to unorganized document management?

It is always advisable for companies who handle enough documents to outsource their need of document management. A professional company that provides comprehensive document management system is your ultimate solution to cut down unnecessary in-house document management costs which often causes crucial data loss.

The cost of time spent looking for documents or working on the wrong versions of documents adds up quickly. This costs a business thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per year.Employees’ often waste time while they update or work on documents which are outdated. This happens as there was no way the management could know and inform that the documents are outdated or belong to the wrong version. Many organizations even report loss of important documents or accidentally destroy important documents.

A professional Document Management System provides opportunities for greater operational control, and improved productivity as then employees don’t spend their precious time looking for paper-based documents which neither adds value to customers nor improves the bottom line.

Monday, 7 September 2015

What Are The 3Key Attributes To Look For While Choosing Storage Unit in Dubai?

It is not a matter of hush-hush that people in Dubai often keep moving for many reasons like boost of rental prices, landlord troubles or employment changes. Another stark reason that provokes movement of people is their requirements for larger space. Moving can be stressful when you are not able to locate the right Dubai storage services quickly. The storage units are important to store your valuable assets like furniture until you find a proper relocation.  Here are 3 ways to make finding and locating Document storage in Dubai easy.


Check for small volume Dubai storage services

Most storage services in Dubai, charge a monthly minimum for their storage Dubai services. These usually, don’t cater to small volume requirements like storing 3 boxes of documents for 2 weeks. Black Box is one such storage provider in Dubai that provides small volume and commercial storage services like document storage. Additionally, it provides secured document destruction, imaging and electronic storage, data protection, and secure shredding services.

Check for air conditioning

If you are looking for storage Dubai services to store things like essential documents and soft furniture, it is essential you ensure that proper air conditioning mechanisms are in place. Otherwise, expect them to undergo wear and tear if you store for a long time.

Check for lockable storage units

Depending on things you are storing, you would want to ensure that your things are stored in fortified lockable units. And the key to access the unit only lies with you.  This is important when you want to store items like important documents, valuable and expensive furniture.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Enhanced Storage Services To Serve Your Storage Needs

Storage in Dubai is a category that is looked upon as a source to satisfy two things- increase space in homes or offices and safe storage of valuables to prevent damage. In the same manner, Document Storage forms an important segment of storage services Dubai sector. Are you pressed under the inundation of paper documents? Do you find it hard to locate the documents and often loose important ones? Evade these troubles by implementing electronic document management system. Apart from greater operational efficiency you will receive the following benefits.

Track past data- Dubai storage

It is difficult to track past data or documents when they are in the form of papers. It involves tedious evaluation of individual documents to trace the data you want. Document management system is part of our storage Dubai package where you can track the entire document history easily through a single dashboard.

Makes recording documents an easy task

Any company produces numerous documents including regulatory documents and employee related documents. Managing all these in the form of papers is extremely difficult.  Our storage Dubai platform provides enhanced timeliness, better inspection rates and enhanced submission readiness so that you can retrieve documents seamlessly as and when required.

Storage in Dubai can be a difficult task especially for the frequent travelers moving in-and-out of Dubai. We introduce you to our storage solutions to satisfy your storage needs in Dubai.

We offer storage services in Dubai providing document storage, secured document destruction, imaging and electronic storage and data protection.

Monday, 17 August 2015

4 Reasons To Switch to Electronic Document Management System

There are so many firms that struggle managing huge set of paper documents. There are only 2 main reasons why most companies don’t switch to electronic document management system. First, they are not aware about the benefits of switching to Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Second, companies face major technical, financial and operational barriers to implement electronic document management systems.

Further, you can browse through 4 reasons to switch to electronic document management system.

Reason #1Full document history available

Imagine you work on a latest document version. Without built-in version control, it becomes impossible to view the entire document history. EDMS platform enables you to automatically view past documents. It gives you access to the entire document history.

Reason #2Face no complexities

EDMS offers a platform where everyone works on a single document system. As a result, problems related to multiple document copies are eliminated.

Reason #3Enhanced timeliness

Consider a drug company. To produce and distribute drugs within specified timelines is a top priority for any drug company. And for the company has to procure and process many regulatory documents. EDMS provides Document Management processes that carry forward the documents automatically through their lifecycles. EDMS scrapes off bottlenecks in timely generation of documents and records. This leads to enhanced timeliness, better inspection rates and enhanced submission readiness.

Reason #4 – Regulated content

We all know that Email is a wonderful tool that revolutionized the way we work. However, email often creates issues in terms of content management. Email often creates storage and security issues. This complicates document version control. With EDMS, you don’t need to distribute content through email, improving control and security over regulated content.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

What Is Document Imaging And Why Organizations Prefer It?

Organizations use Document Imaging to convert paper-based information to electronic images which are then stored on machines electronically. They are a great way to compress information and store it in a digitally secured form.  Further you will know more about document imaging and its benefits.

What is Document Imaging?

Document imaging also known as Electronic Imaging, enables you to scan your hard copy documents and store the digitally scanned images onto a computer system.

Document Imaging is therefore a process to capture, store, and retrieve documents regardless of its original form. Electronic imaging is a technique which favors you to input, record, process, store, transfer and use data which is in the form of images.

Further you will learn about the various reasons as to why organizations implement document imaging. Many organizations decide to transform their paper documents making them available electronically for the following reasons. Document Imaging-

  • Eases accessibility
  • Enables full-text search
  • Enhances data security
  • Cuts down costs related to space or infrastructure consumed to store several paper documents

The 4 basic components of document imaging systems are-
  • Input
  • Identification (indexing)
  • Storage
  • Retrieval

The input components usually consist of numerous single-sided (simplex) or double-sided (duplex) document scanners. There are the scanning stations which convert documents to a digital format for better storage and management. The identification components enable users to index or recognize the digital information so that they can be retrieved later.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Want To Keep Your Business Data and Documents Safe? Embrace Information Governance

Information governance (IG) other than imaging and electronic storage is the safest method to keep your business data safe. However, there is one factor which hinders IG implementation. It is that stakeholders often have diverse objectives and strategies to manage information. Implementing collaborative IG strategies may be imbued with critical financial and reputational risks.

Hence, to make successfully implement Information Governance, it is important that you follow a methodical step-by-step process.

The process is as follows-

Plan it out-

For maximum efficiency, ensure that you create an IG plan which enables flexible adjustments. We know that the balance between digital and physical data shifts. Hence, it is important your IG strategy has the ability to replicate those changes. Your IG strategy should be reviewed regularly as well as modified as and when necessary to match with your company’s IG needs.

Is there a liaison between everyone’s goals?

Records managers, IT and legal departments all have their own distinct functions and ideas about how to approach Data Management.  Their priorities are based on what their individual departments need. However, in order for an IG plan to be effective, there must be cooperation and better understanding of everyone’s goals.

Create Efficiencies-

When it is about IG, technology is crucial. Solutions which ease the management and organization of physical as well as digital data exist. They exponentially reduce price, time and other inaccuracies. Other solutions include services like Imaging and Electronic Storage.

Technology enables easy maintenance of the retention schedules to evade compliance issues in future.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Benefits Of Electronic Document Management System

The popularity of digital document management systems continues to soar. Document management systems including image and electronic storage, use scanners for making digital copies of documents. The documents are then coded. These codes enable linking of documents to specific files or accounts. Optical character reading (OCR) systems give insights into the contents of every page. All these features make document management systems like Image and Electronic Storage extremely feasible.

Easy Access
The moment you scan any document, you can access it from any computer. Now compare this with traditional paper files, which needs to be stored in file cabinets or rooms followed be frequent retrieval and delivery to the concerned employee. The latter is devoid of facilities like easy and quick access by other employee, tracking and sharing.

OCR Benefits

When you scan a document, OCR examines the text. After that it creates digital version of the contents which gets stored along with the documents. In this way an employee can instantly create a file which can be searched instantly by other employee.

Such transformation of ordinary files into vast databases of information is used for marketing, audit as well as management purposes.

Cost Benefits

Switching to electronic documents is a tremendous cost-saver for most companies. You are relieved from huge costs related to filing cabinets, supplies and the real estate required to store them on site.

Security Benefits 

The complicated task of protecting confidential information gets simplified with digital Document Management System, where paper files stored in cabinets can be sometimes accessed by unwanted personnel where there no use of encrypted passwords and authentication systems.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Feared Of Documents Becoming A Liability? Shred Them

Documents have their own share in the lives of various stakeholders of a business and business itself. File or documents contain confidential information which if disclosed by any means, can lead to catastrophic consequences for the business.

Why shred?
Shredding prevents the disclosure of unwanted information thus protecting the reputation of your business. It also cuts down costs related to preserving all those documents which you never use; the costs which can be quite high. The resources can rather be used to invest in business growth opportunities, recruitment, etc.

Document shredding is a completely no-frills procedure

Shredding helps businesses ensure conformity with the respective state, industry and credit card regulations. Information shredded will also help you refrain from hefty penalties, fines or tedious legal procedures.

What things to look for in a document shredding company?

1.    Security

Ensure that the company regards document shredding with utmost prudence. Ensure that shredding will be done in the most secured environment with no chance of anyone witnessing the documents. Don’t compromise on security for ayou are investing in the services is for the utmost security.

Note: Don’t let anyone handle your documents before shredding.

2.    Credibility

This is very important. There are certain renowned portals or associations in every country/state which enumerate the list of credible document shredding companies. It is advisable to opt for those only for they are legally certified by the respective authority.


Last but not the least, ensure that the company provides you constant track of the security line, trail of documents since they leave your facility to the point they are assembled at the shredding dock. Also note who all are handling the paper.

Need help in document shredding? Click here.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Why Outsourcing Your Shredding is More Secure and Efficient?

This is question which is commonly debated even at the UN Security Council. And 95% of participants on an average vote for outsourced shredding being more secure and efficient.

Let’s delve into the many convincing reasons for why outsourcing your shredding is more secure and efficient.

Outsourced shredding prevents security breach

Did you know that average security breach costs around 6 million dollars for a business? It’s a huge amount for putting a severe dent in the revenue of a business. And 65% of the security breach cases happen due to unwanted people (often among the internal employees) gaining access of important business documents. So don’t get alarmed when an in-house document shredding process leads to breach of your critical account as shown below-

So what is the effective solution? Outsourced document shredding

Outsourcing your shredding is a comprehensive solution for the below reasons-

1.    Prevents internal security breach

As said prior, 65% of the security breach cases happen due to unwanted people (often among the internal employees) gaining access of important business documents. Hence, it is well done than said: Outsourced document shredding prevents the handling of documents by any internal employee. Therefore, there is no chance of any internal security breach.

2.    Did you know that in-house shredding can be 52X costlier than outsourced shredding?

Other than such a large gap in pricing, in-house shredding has further risks like-
  • There are fair chances of legislative and security risks by doing shredding yourself
  • There is large quantity of mess accumulated which only takes huge time and money to clean it up which could have been easily allocated towards more productive causes for business growth. 
 At, Black Box, with our proprietary cross-cut document shredding technology, we turn your sensitive documents into confetti-sized pieces. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your confidential documents can't be reproduced or recreated.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Offsite Data Storage: Propelling Uninterrupted Business Operations

The world of data is huge and is continuously promulgating to cover diverse aspects of businesses. Therefore, it becomes critical to store data.

Feeling anxious over inability to retrieve important data? Avail our Offsite Data Storage and retrieval services in Dubai and remove barriers in your business operations.

What is the benefit of offsite data storage?

Offsite data storage helps a business to boost its business operations. It helps one to retrieve his current as well as damaged files.  In this way, offsite data storage helps you recover and restore lost data. As a result, you’re able to run your business operations with least possible interruptions.

The perfect hedge

Offsite data storage is the perfect hedge against many anticipated misfortunes which obstructs productivity. It includes events like power cut and hard drive crash. Then there are calamities like earthquakes which cause a business to collapse causing loss of important data. This can even make a business go bankrupt.

The process

Offsite data storage is a process where your critical information gets channeled to a central data storage facility. To give you a clear picture it appears something like this-

Such a mechanism facilitates easy storage and all-round protection of your data. 

Additional benefits:
  1. Your information remains secure as well as easily accessible.
  2. You just have to log into an online system to access data. In this way retrieving the required files takes few minutes.
Why go for off-site data storage?

Offsite data storage is safer than onsite data storage for one strong reason. The former offers protection of data in the form of record archiving and indexing. It provides guaranteed surveillance and fire protection.

If you’re thinking that offsite data storage is useful for just electronic data storage then hold your thoughts. It’s because it also stores physical data like:

  • Single page files like medical files and contracts
  • Archived files
  • Legal documents
  • Patent information/files
  • Product prototypes
So if you’re looking for premium protection for your valuable data, avail our Blackboxrm services in Dubai.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015 Resolution: Creating a digital record management system for your business

New Year is the time for introspection.

It is the time to evaluate business decisions of the year gone, note the learning’s and build a business plan for the next year.

When you make a to-do list for your business this year, do not forget to include document management to your list.

By creating an effective document management system, you can improve efficiency in your business in the long run. You save employee time that is now wasted in searching for files. This time saved can be used for other important work.

Digital is the way to go
Protect your documents and keep them secure in the long run by having a Digital Record Management System.

Digital record management will streamline many operations of your business. You employees will be able to access documents easily and you will be able to track documents and who accesses them easily. BlackBox Record management will help you convert to an Electronic Digital Record Management System. We will turn your paper documents into digital files that can be stored, maintained and tracked easily.

The Benefits
The major benefit of converting paper documents to digital is converting to a more organized system of managing your documents. With our record management software, you can categorize documents how you want them to, assign permissions to specific people to view and edit them and provide immediate access.

You also save paper and rental space where you were previously storing paper documents. In addition, you save printing costs, maintenance costs, mailing and storage costs as well.

Improved Customer Service
There are several benefits of having a record management system, but the most dramatic is this: It leads to dramatic improvement in customer service.

When you set up a record management system, your employees spend less time searching for data and your customers spend less time waiting for your employees to give them the information they need.

When you set up a Record Management System that works, you serve the customer quickly, at their convenience. You provide the customer with a Secure File Management in place that will protect their sensitive data from loss or theft.