Sunday, 23 November 2014

Is it time for your company to take the paperless route?

Every year, companies are making the switch from keeping paper records to going digital and are discovering new and better ways to manage their records.

It is not an easy change to make for most companies as changing the system means letting go of the existing system of managing records and adopting a new way of thinking and operating.

But digitally managed records offer a range of benefits in the long term. The most important of them is cost, convenience and security. In this blog, we will talk about these three factors and how they can help you decide whether you should go the digital way or stick to paper records.

1. Cost
When a company goes digital, it saves money on a number of fronts: printing costs, paper costs, mailing and postal costs. An average company spends over AED2000 annually on their printing. When you Digitally Document your Records, you make a onetime investment but in the long run you free your company of these recurring costs.

2. Convenience
Looking for a document on a digital database in much easier than searching for a document amongst piles of files and other paperwork.
 On a digital document, you can search and sort documents by name, date and even order number, thereby reducing the time it takes to access the file. In the long term, this can improve the company's time management and lead to better organization of documentation.

3. Safety
When your records are digitized, you can be assured of their safety and security. You can decide who has access to which document. Installing an Internal Security System will save you the worry of leaked documents and keep your private documents private. You can always save backups of your documents on cloud or external hard drive.