Tuesday, 28 October 2014

4 Steps to Easy Handling of Large Documents

Does your business deal with large documents regularly? Organizations such as architectural firms, interior designers, museums and laboratories deal with large documents that are bigger than the standard A4 and A3 sizes.

If you personally are required to deal with a lot of large sized documents, we understand that they can be quite a chore to manage. Larger documents are harder to sort, access, manage and share. They can decrease your operational speed and hamper productivity.

Here are ways by which you can effectively manage large-sized documents.

1. Scan the documents.

Yes, you read it right. Your first step should be to scan the documents. Latest scanning technology can allow you to scan imaging documents that are as big as 3ft X 4ft. At BlackBoxRM, our powerful scanners can capture every little detail of your blueprints and other large documents.
One major benefit of scanning documents is that it frees up your team from manually handling the documents and storing them. When you scan the documents, you can access them with a mouse click.
Tip: Before you scan the document, check for un-important documents in the pile or duplicate documents and eliminate them. This will help you save on costs and prevent confusion.

2. Use a classification system that actually works.

Not only do you need a high-quality scanner, but even more important is a classification system for the scanned documents that allows you to retrieve them quickly. For example if your blueprints are classified by location, then employees who are searching for blueprints by category will not be able to locate them. At Black Box Record Management our experienced record managers will consult you at every step to create a classification system that is functional as well as easy to use.

3. Giving access to employees.

Once you have scanned the documents and classified them in the most functional way, the next step is to share the documents amongst the employees who will need access to them. Black Box RM can help you  by giving each employee a unique access code to access the documents from our servers. Not only will this give the business a greater control by limiting the people who can access the document; this also adds an extra level of security.

4. Store the physical documents appropriately.

Once the process of scanning, classifying and sharing is complete and your employees have gotten used to accessing the documents electronically instead of physically, maybe it is time to explore long-term storage solutions for the original physical documents. Since the demand for physical documents has reduced, you can opt for high-density shelving. Black Box RM offers Document Storage Facilities in Dubai and Middle East in appropriate temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled vaults so that your documents do not suffer any damage during storage period.