Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How to Manage Records before a Corporate Move

If you are a records manager, maintaining the records even during a corporate move would be your most challenging assignment ever. Moving addresses is quite risky and might lead to a lot of upheaval.

Adopting a systematic method of sorting and moving documents is the best approach in this scenario. In this blog, we will outline the steps you should take to ensure safe transport of your records.

Audit the existing record collection
The records of a company are as diverse as the business that the company is in. While moving the records, it is hence important to audit the documents individually. Make sure to answer the following questions before the move:
  • Are there records that can be destroyed as they have passed their retention period?
  • Are there documents that will be required during the move to the new premise?
  • Are there some documents that are confidential in nature?
  • What compliance guidelines must be followed before moving the confidential documents?
  • Are there issues related to record storage and management that can be addressed and corrected in the new premise?

Spring clean the records
Record collections usually have several non-records that can be safely destroyed as well as records that have passed their retention period and are inactive. Such records do not need to be moved to the new facility. Records that are inactive should be moved to a record storage provider such a BlackBoxRM to save on the moving costs.
The fewer records you are the mover, the cheaper the move will be and the easier it will be to install records in the new premises.

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