Friday, 30 May 2014

Important Types of Secure Media Destruction

Media includes CD, DVD, Blue ray, hard drives. Diskettes and Floppy’s too are used in some offices for secured access. Every Data and Storage material comes with a life cycle and when that ends you has to adapt to new technology.The e-waste has to be destroyed properly. When you dispose your media you get it certified as destroyed after fulfilling all required conditions. In order to certify your destruction, you have to destroy your Media complying with certain industrial norms.

E-waste: E-WASTE-waste is one of the growing components of the municipal solid waste stream in developed countries. Electronic waste contains some very toxic substances which ultimately become part of our food chain when they are not recycled properly.

Off-site Destruction of Media
With the help of transit, your E-waste and other material for shredding is taken to another Transit your media from the inventory to our centers where we use advanced technologies to destroy all media .We Shrink-wrap, tag and prepare the materials for a secure transport. Destroy or recycle your e-waste/media using environment-friendly processes in complying with all local, national and international regulations.

On-site Destruction of Media
We bring Data Destruction Machinery to your data center and thereby reduce the convoluted risks involved in sensitive data leaving your premises. Equipped with advanced mobile shredding technologies, our on-site destruction service follows rigorous data privacy and security architecture to ensure your computer hard drives, backup tapes, and other assorted electronic storage media are completely destroyed. Document the security of your data with a fully auditable security framework, helping achieve full compliance with data privacy regulations.

The Black Box RM advantage:
When the E-waste is destroyed and becomes non recoverable, you have got rid of clutter and you have much needed peace of mind. While complying with audit-ready documentation makes media destruction a very safe process, This leads to an Improved efficiency in the entire process—from media preparation to certificate of destruction. Therefore, you now have a valid certificate of destruction to produce for your company that is in compliance with existing norms in Dubai.

Onsite and Offsite Destruction of Media is a part of the certified media destruction plan. Document the security of your data with a fully auditable security framework, helping achieve full compliance with data privacy regulations. After complying with existing regulations and after an audit, a certificate is issued for a destruction of media that is sensitive or whichever is to be destroyed as per client’s wishes.

Document Destruction: Important Facts about Paper Shredding

Document Shredding has been there since before the time of the First World War, when the Army and the government made use of it to destroy certain war secrets and documents.
The paper shredder was invented in 1909 by Abbot Augustus Low in New York, USA. However, it was only patented and never manufactured. It was later developed by the Nazi’s to destroy the Anti-Hitler propaganda. It was later used to destroy and wipe out the names of Jews from the records. As the paper was shredded most of the data about the existence of Jews was destroyed. In this way their names were wiped out from the state and country list. There were some hallmarks in paper shredding. Richard Nixon; the erstwhile US president too used it to destroy the water gate scam papers.

Many Corporations to have used the paper shredder and other assets by destroying the documents that they wanted to hide from income tax officials or from the government officials. But certainly Paper shredding can have far more positive uses in real life when we use it for our personal uses in our homes and offices. Sometimes storing too many documents adds to the clutter.

They may reveal vital transactions of the past not valid today, but they may reveal things that might compromise your position. Therefore, it becomes essential to be secret of past dealings sometimes for reasons of privacy. It is up to you to pursue ethical and we always keep our stand that you always remain ethical in all ways.

The Paper shredder is one of the most sophisticated inventions of the 20th century and a marvel that is times ahead of the industrial revolution.