Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Switch to Digital Solutions for Better Document Storage

It is quite unfortunate that even in this digital age, a lot of companies are still highly reliant on paper documents. The growing need for better document storage can no longer be ignored and this is what has led to the dramatic advancement in the document storage industry within the last thirty years. Superior technology has paved the way for the development of modern digital solutions and the efficiency of offsite storage systems have become a boon to modern industries. I have written this blog with the intention of explaining the various benefits of digital solutions.

Digital solutions for document storage such as document archiving facilities increase efficiency by allowing you to organize and archive files using electronic archiving systems. Files can be made available to colleagues by simply uploading and downloading digitalized copies. A comprehensive and advanced search system can easily be set up by a network administrator.  This will allow you to access information immediately without asking your staff to dig up old contracts from your storage rooms. Cost-efficiency is also one of the benefits that digital solutions offer. Maintaining paper files require huge amounts of money to rent storage facilities, purchase file cabinets, folders, and other incidental costs. Therefore, we can see how digitalization saves money and allows it to be put to better use.

As files continuously grow in number, a lot of businesses have found themselves relying on separate secured storage facilities due to lack of space in file cabinets and other storage facilities. Switching to digital storage not only saves a tremendous amount of space but allows you to find a more cost-efficient office. The space that is saved can then be put to better use like accommodating additional man power and equipment.

The use of paper documents always pose a security threat especially since each document passes through the hands of a specific number of people before reaching you or your intended recipient. This poses huge security risks as some of these documents could contain confidential information and there is always the chance of this sensitive information being compromised. The need for this multi-level transition is eliminated by digital archiving systems as you can customize the privacy settings of each document. In this way, only authorize personal will have access to specific contracts and official documents. The information can be monitored as well and information leaks can be traced to the individuals responsible.

Thus it can be seen that Digital solutions simplify filing procedures, save office space and protect confidentiality.