Thursday, 26 December 2013

Record Management Practices: A Must for Businesses

Keeping records is a healthy practice that is followed by most of the businesses. However, most of the companies follow a norm- either record everything or nothing at all. Well, the first option is better when compared to the second; however, it is not important that you keep a record of anything and everything.

You do not need to maintain a physical record of all the information you have. What is more important is that your record management system is not time consuming and it and is practically helping your data management. As mentioned earlier, it is not important to record anything and everything. 

So, how do you ensure that the right things are recorded?
  • Design and put into practice a stringent system which handles storage, archival and retrieval.
  • Give proper guidelines to the employees so that they know which documents need to be stored as a record.
  • Similarly, let them know what is utterly unimportant and that should not be stored.
  • Ensure that all the documents are marked with a retention date; this makes document destruction easy.
  • Schedule timely document destruction; this helps in maintaining an updated record and removing unnecessary data.
  • Don’t let anyone and everyone have access to your data. You do not want to be exposed to data theft.
Thus, in a nutshell, all you need to do is have a systematic program in your company, which will ensure that the right documents are stored. It is advisable that you hire the best record management and scanning services for this purpose. These companies are thorough professionals, and they know how to best handle your data.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Why Opt For Mobile Shredding Companies ?

It is of great importance that you cosset documents like bank account numbers, credit cards, passports or any other identity building documents. Also, there are many documents which are meant for one-time usage only, or your documents could be in the form of contracts, statements, important research materials, etc. For any business, it is vital that its information does not reach the wrong hands. In such cases, it is essential that you destroy these papers correctly. 

There are many times when you do not intend to keep certain documents, or they are simply no longer needed. However, it is advisable that you dispose them in a responsible manner so that they do not get misused. Mobile shredding devices are of great help when you have a humongous amount of data to be annihilated. Mobile shredders generally are attached to trucks and are the ideal industrial sized shredders. These devices have the capacity to destroy a huge number of documents at one go. The most important benefit of these services is that you can actually see the entire process take place in front of your eyes. So, you know that your documents are truly destroyed. 

Some Record Storage companies give you the option of witnessing the whole process through video monitoring; you can watch all your data being destroyed by yourself. There are many companies today which provide these services. A little research on the internet should give you many names to choose from. Make sure that you choose a reputable and licensed company to avoid any kind of inconvenience. This is a wise practice and is the best way to get rid of unwanted data.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Data Backup: How Best to do It

Any business’s major area of concern is maintaining the data. Any information, any data if lost, is an irreversible loss to the company. Well, keeping a backup of the data is highly advantageous. There are many ways in which you can backup your data. However, you need to ensure you are doing it the right way. Backup and data rotation tapes are a great option when you want to store your documents effectively. Here are a few tips you could use when using this storage method:
  • Timely Rotation: It is important that you keep rotating the tapes in a proper manner. You should be careful that the same tape is not rotated consecutively. Also, it is essential that you have the right amount of data.

  • Safe Storage: It is essential that you store backup tapes separately in a place where they are safe. It is ideal to store these tapes offsite. In the case of any mishap, your data would remain highly secured if stored offsite.
  • Regular Backups: You are a business, and a daily inflow of data is obvious. Thus, you need to ensure that a regular backup of data is taken. Prepare schedules for your backup and make sure that these backups are strictly followed.
  • Timely Replacements: Data backup tapes are prone to wear and tear over a long period of years. It is advisable that these tapes are changed after regular intervals. After all, you are putting in so many efforts to store your data well, and you do not want to lose it due to any kind of neglect or carelessness.   

    Data backup is highly crucial for businesses. Keep in mind these tips, and you would not need to worry about keeping your information safe and sound.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Why Go for Electronic Document Imaging?

Electronic documentation has become highly important for businesses these days. You cannot even imagine losing out on important data as that would bring a big blow to your business. With the advancement of technology, it is today possible to have your documents stored in an electronic manner. These systems are of a great advantage to companies these days. Some of the benefits of these programs are:

- Digitally stored files are easily accessible. You can access these files from any part of the world.

- You save on a lot time. Manually searching for documents through paper documents is a highly difficult task. However, when you digitize your documents, they are available to you at a simple click.

- Also, this system is cost effective. You would need a lot of physical space and to store the documents. On the other hand, digitization is a onetime investment.

- This system is highly flexible. The files are stored in an editable format so that you can make the necessary changes as and when required. Also, you can store the files as per your preferences.

- These solutions increase efficiency in a work environment. You can disseminate information easily at the same time, which is otherwise not possible when you have a paper document.

- Managing documents electronically is much more secured a way to handle information. You can control what you want to share and with whom.  Paper documents are subject to risks like theft which can be a nasty problem for your business.

- Also, this system is eco-friendly, one thing your company can always boast about.
Electronic document imaging is nothing but a highly profitable choice for every smart business owner. It has been adopted by many leading businesses worldwide.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

File Management: A Profitable Solution

File management gets highly important when you need to maintain a huge amount of data. Well, if you are a growing business, a big one or an expanding organization, file management is a must for your firm. Managing your files perfectly is vital for your records. It is pretty logical and makes the maintenance of data a hassle free task. 
The important and the best advantage of this system is that you can easily locate your files as and when you need them. It is a systematic approach and boosts smooth working of an organization. Also, this makes the working quick, saving the time that would otherwise be spent in searching for the files you needed. So, a lot of time and efforts are saved. It makes filing a less difficult task. Also, adding new files, deletion of unnecessary ones becomes easy. The whole process of filing thus becomes less tedious. It establishes an uniform pattern in the company, and that makes categorizing files effortless. Also, file management solutions are flexible and thus they cater to everyone’s needs.

File management systems are affordable. In fact, they are lower on costs and provide high productivity. They bring about good overall results in the organization as you know how to retrieve information faster which in turn helps you in quickening other tasks. It eliminates the costs which are otherwise involved with slower, longer procedures. There are fewer mistakes and lesser misfiles. You are accurately updated, and the staff efficiency is also augmented.

Being profitable in many ways, these solutions are a must have for every firm.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Benefits of Hiring Digital Archiving Companies

Digital archiving has become the need of the hour today for most of the leading businesses. Every business wants to ensure that their information is well protected and is preserved in a secure manner. The loss of a small file can cause huge crisis in an organization. Digital archiving is a smart way to avoid these hassles. 

Secured: This kind of file storage is greatly secured. Your master files and originals are stored in a protected and distinct environment. This system is controlled and is specifically dedicated. There are explicit procedures for your files to be stored which are followed. You can manage the storage on your own, as it suits you. Also, if you are looking out to avoid any thieving of your data, what you can do is, simply control the amount of data that your employees can have access to. Make sure that the crucial files are not accessible to all. Most of the solutions give you these options. 

Monitoring: Well, as soon as the files are up for digital archiving, these solutions start automatic monitoring of your data, so that the information is well managed and kept secured. There are timely reports generated. Any addition or deletion is data is notified. You can monitor your data at any point of the day. There are quality checks conducted to ensure that there is no problem in your data storage. This is one important and necessary feature that every archiving system should be having. 

Access: The best part of these systems is that since there is no physical storage and everything is on the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere in the world, anytime. The access can be controlled to ensure security. 

This makes the work flow simple and less complicated for the business. Digital archiving is thus hugely beneficial for expanding businesses.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to Select the Best Data Recovery Services

So you have decided that you need a backup and recovery service functioning for your business. However, there are so many services in the market that you are highly confused as to which firm should you be selecting. Here are a few tips that can be of help.

- Reputation and Success: Ensure that the company you are considering is established and has a good reputation in the market. Look out for its success rate in the worst data loss situations. Ask them to give you references of their satisfied customers. Try contacting these users and get their feedback. You do not want to hand over your data to a company which is not really well known and not credible enough.

Data recovery services in Dubai
- Pricing: Do not consider a company just because its services are priced at a lower scale than the others. Cheap and affordable does not always mean the best. Some services are priced higher than the others but at the same time, they offer much more quality which is extremely important as your data is of high importance to you. However, you also need to ensure that you do not end up paying more than what the company deserves.

- Services: It is important that you make sure you are getting the best services for what you are paying. Hire a company which offers you all type of data recovery. Ensure that you have understood the services that the company you are considering is providing.

- Privacy: These kinds of services should be highly professional and should be responsible entirely for the data that you have. The company you are hiring should offer you good security and privacy on your data. Also, they should make the data theft free as there are chances of security breach and theft of data which can be highly problematic for the business.

Data recovery services are the need of the hour. They are of high significance to every business as loss of data is something which no company can deal with. So, in a nutshell, these are the four essential factors that you need to consider when you are hiring data recovery services.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Backup and Data Recovery Services: Every Business’s Need

A company’s worst nightmare come true is facing loss of data. Whatever the reason behind it be, all the information, all the records, all the important files are all gone in seconds! What do you do in this situation? You can easily recover all your data by contacting the data recovery services which these days provide efficient services. Having a data backup has become mandatory for all, since we are very much dependant on computers today.
There are different ways in which the process of data recovery and back up can be done. If the disk is not damaged, you can simply retrieve the data by connecting it to other machines through cables or even by saving the disk to the main hard disk of a different machine. Also, some processes allow you to recoup data onto a DVD or a CD. With the advancement in technology, many data recovery companies provide online recovery of data. Many computer service firms simply operate by logging on to the operating system of a particular user. If the company has technologically sound employees, the online recovery system becomes a cake walk and can be easily managed.

Recovery companies are known to have certified rooms where the damaged disks are dealt with. These disks are highly sensitive and need specialized, expert handling and need to be stored in a clean and purified atmosphere. Even the minutest of dust specks can do further damage to the disk. Data recovery companies have different ways that they cater to for retrieval of data. Many businesses ignore these services thinking that they are expensive.

However, having a backup and recovery service active is highly important as this prevention can save the regret of losing data completely in future, in case of a disaster.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Offsite Backup Services: A Must Have for Your Business

What do you do when your computer has crashed beyond repair? Tell your clients that your system is inefficient? That is simply horrifying for any company. Nobody likes to hear that a company has suffered from a loss of data. Especially if the firm has personal information of its clients stored with them. So before this happens to you, you need to ensure that you have your information protected in a highly secured manner.

If you have a small business, an offsite data backup is the perfect option you can consider! You can simply keep your information stored in a safe and secured location without having to worry about it at all. Also, it is extremely beneficial when you can simply have the information retrieval done, in a fairly small amount of time with these recovery services.

All the same, it is almost mandatory not to leave computers which are connected to the internet unprotected. Hackers are widely spread and operate almost everywhere and are a constant threat to your data. They do not just want to steal the information but also try and make your files corrupt so that you no longer can use them. With offsite data protection, these worries are totally eliminated as you can simply recover all the information that is lost due to any problem. All the information is stored at some location which won’t get affected as it is going to be stored at an outside location.

So, if you face a system crash, all you would have to do is contact the offsite data service providers and get your data back. This practice is similar to the insurance policies that you sign up for; the time there is some kind of problem, you just have a plan B to take care of the issue.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Record management is one practice that needs to be done in order to have efficient management and a proper discipline maintained in the business.

It includes safe and secured record storage of the business records that an organization owns and maintains. There are many storage firms that provide customers with offline storage of documents at competitive prices. You can easily choose the firm that gives you best prices! 

Financial records are those kinds of transactions which are documented and are used by the firm in the daily itinerary of the business. Also, these documents are like the evidences for each transaction that the business undertakes. These types of documents could include orderings, receipts, bills, loans, contracts, schedules, notifications and so many other types of operations that the company carries out. Typically, a record is something that can be produced in the court of law. If at all it undergoes any kind of scrutiny, it should be able to prove itself reliable and authentic. It cannot be something that has been tampered with or that has been altered. This is important so that the records adhere to what they originally state and they precisely stand for the facts they are claim. 

These types of documents have a particular cycle that they follow. The first phase is the creation of receipts, processing and then distributing them. In the second phase, there is the maintenance, the evaluation of the documents. Finally, there is the disposal of the records. This is typically how records are maintained by most of the organizations.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Digital Record Management: A Smart Data Storage Technique

Whatever industry does a company belong to, whichever part of the world it is in, it needs to handle the humongous degree of data that just comes in everyday. No, the dilemma doesn’t end here! Companies also need to maintain the backup and recovery practices. They cannot afford any kind of discrepancy in these areas. Losing the information can be a disastrous phenomenon. No matter what the situation is – a weather occurrence or some technological problem, they can seriously cause crucial information to be unattainable and inaccessible.

Therefore, it is critical for organizations to maintain, update and also put into practice the various methods for data backup on a daily basis. There are innumerable methods of having data backup done that you can choose from in accordance to the new technologies that have evolved in this field. Digital records management becomes the need of the hour in such cases.

A company typically needs to make certain that the data can be stored in a suitable and appropriate fashion. Also, it is necessary to see to it that the data backup is effectively undertaken. It is just not enough to merely backup data to tape and hoard these copies on site. This would only give a solution to the data protection issue but it won’t be serving as an absolute and complete strategy.

It is important to store data off-site as well as there can be no guarantee of a natural disaster. Hence, companies need to be prepared for the worst and make their data storage smartly. After all, no firm can ever bear the loss of their data as it would hinder in their business processes and make the company vulnerable to many risks.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Record Management Services: A Must For Every Business

Your organization needs to store their financial and other trade records for a fixed period of time that is dependent on their regulations and their requirements. Apart from this, you would have a different set of rules and norms to be followed. So how does your company do an appropriate maintenance of data? It’s not a huge task! You could simply empower record management services for your information management. Your business needs to track down firstly, the kind of record storage that it would have need of. Another aspect of having these services is to allot a specific budget. 

You need to ensure that these solutions stand par at excellence on three facets of clarity, efficiency and control. What we mean by clarity is that you need to have a perfect idea of how and where your data is stored, how is it stored. You need to make certain that you know the system correctly when it comes to archiving and otherwise handling the solutions too so as to you don’t inadvertently delete, mishandle, shred or share any business file. Efficiency is also important in these solutions as they need to be smooth enough so that they do not hinder the day-to-day business activities.

It is beneficial to have these kinds of services so as to help a business move their records offsite and cut down on the costs, eradicate clutter and also lower the employees’ stress. In absence of an appropriate Secure Storage process, you might just lose track on your data and not be able to find it at the right time! So, having a proper control over these systems is of utmost importance. At the end of the day, information management is a benefit that makes your business a hassle-free experience.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Offsite Data Protection - A Vital Step for Businesses

A business’s greatest nightmare would be the loss of its precious data. No matter how advanced the data management or storage systems are they do carry the risk of crashing down. So, to save businesses from this deadly scenario, offsite data protection should be put into practice. This process involves the saving of company’s vital information in removable media and magnetic tapes.

Off Site Data Protection:

Majority of companies, are dependent on their data for their daily functioning. Even if a part of their important information is lost, the company may have to suffer serious, irreversible losses. The offsite data storage and retrieval is important even if the information stored in this pattern may not be needed often. How is it so? It is as good as having a fire extinguisher installed even if fires may not break out quite often. Also, it is a very much secured practice as it is safe from hackers which are a constant threat to firms. This system is not at all complicated and is also quite efficient. Offsite record storage enables businesses to be free of stress when it comes to protecting their data. For any company it would be a great damage if their entire data is wiped out.

If in case a company faces a system crash down or deletion of its data, this practice can be of huge aid. In today’s world which is so much advanced with e-commerce, protection of electronic data has to be the top priority of any business.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Boost your Business with Desktop Scanning and Document Management

Electronic scanning enables the companies to keep themselves well informed and help to manage their files effectively. A document storage and management solution that is systematically planned makes the challenge of managing files efficiently significantly easier. Scanning makes it easier to facilitate the management of data. Also, it makes it easier for information to be accessed. However, all this can be achieved if this system is used wisely and is understood correctly. The implementation of the system as well plays a major role for its smooth functioning.

A correct assessment of the needs of the business, the kinds of documents; how credible the information in the files is. Apart from this, certain rules have to be set to ensure that the system runs effectively for the business. Images should be scanned at a high-resolution to have a long-term value for them and there should be no compromise in the quality areas. Documents can be easily indexed through this system. It also maintains consistency and accuracy. Data scanning services provide high-quality scans and they also conduct verification of these scans. The system also enables companies to store their data in a single centralized manner which is easily searchable.

Once this is rightly realized, the system becomes extremely cost-effective as it saves a lot of manual work and provides information instantly without any security lapse. This document scanning and storage system is an excellent practice to be followed in the modern business world

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Switch to Digital Solutions for Better Document Storage

It is quite unfortunate that even in this digital age, a lot of companies are still highly reliant on paper documents. The growing need for better document storage can no longer be ignored and this is what has led to the dramatic advancement in the document storage industry within the last thirty years. Superior technology has paved the way for the development of modern digital solutions and the efficiency of offsite storage systems have become a boon to modern industries. I have written this blog with the intention of explaining the various benefits of digital solutions.

Digital solutions for document storage such as document archiving facilities increase efficiency by allowing you to organize and archive files using electronic archiving systems. Files can be made available to colleagues by simply uploading and downloading digitalized copies. A comprehensive and advanced search system can easily be set up by a network administrator.  This will allow you to access information immediately without asking your staff to dig up old contracts from your storage rooms. Cost-efficiency is also one of the benefits that digital solutions offer. Maintaining paper files require huge amounts of money to rent storage facilities, purchase file cabinets, folders, and other incidental costs. Therefore, we can see how digitalization saves money and allows it to be put to better use.

As files continuously grow in number, a lot of businesses have found themselves relying on separate secured storage facilities due to lack of space in file cabinets and other storage facilities. Switching to digital storage not only saves a tremendous amount of space but allows you to find a more cost-efficient office. The space that is saved can then be put to better use like accommodating additional man power and equipment.

The use of paper documents always pose a security threat especially since each document passes through the hands of a specific number of people before reaching you or your intended recipient. This poses huge security risks as some of these documents could contain confidential information and there is always the chance of this sensitive information being compromised. The need for this multi-level transition is eliminated by digital archiving systems as you can customize the privacy settings of each document. In this way, only authorize personal will have access to specific contracts and official documents. The information can be monitored as well and information leaks can be traced to the individuals responsible.

Thus it can be seen that Digital solutions simplify filing procedures, save office space and protect confidentiality.