Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Points to consider when evaluating records storage in Dubai

In the world of business, nothing is perhaps more devastating that the loss of one’s commercial data. The loss may be temporary or permanent, accidental or the resultant activity of a disgruntled source in the company. The reasons do not matter, what matters are the ramifications of such an occurrence on the performance of the business.

Dubai is the hub of commercial activity in the region. Every brand worth its equity is out there in the lucrative market, trying to gather their share of the local Dirham or the tourist Dollar. At a time where information is everything, few businesses can survive the crippling blows of a data outage. This perhaps explains the popularity of media storage services in Dubai.

Buoyed by the convenience and other inherent advantages, most commercial enterprises in Dubai tend to follow records management practices in some form or the other. Most of the data backup solutions being used, either involve tape based backup or disk based backup. So, if you are a business that is looking at records storage in Dubai, here’s what you need to know:
  • Storage media may have to be moved from one location to another, on occasion. In such instances, one would need media that can take the rough and tumble with the smooth. This is where tape based storage with its fewer moving parts, scores over disk based solutions that can be vulnerable to sudden drops and shocks

  • Businesses that are costs driven on the other hand tend to gravitate rather strongly to disk based storage solutions. This is due to the falling costs of disks at the initial purchase stage. Scaling up is easier as well with disk based systems, as each disk can be purchased as per the need. This is of-course provided that there are enough bays free to accept additional disks

  • Tapes offer vastly superior off-site storage provisions. This can prove to be extremely advantageous in total loss situations where its disk based counterpart would be stored on site, close to the area of operations

  • In terms of access speeds, disk based data backup systems are vastly superior. One can access data at infinitely greater speeds than the tape based setups that store data in a more sequential manner

  • Tape based storage systems, due to their analogue nature; tend to be impervious to virus attacks. This is a huge advantage in a world that is just waking up to malicious virus attacks and cases of industrial espionage that can break a company forever
At the end of the day, when it comes to records storage services in Dubai, one must carefully weigh in the pros and cons of each solution. The final choice depends upon finding a match between the needs and requirements of the business that wishes to store their data, and the price-to-performance offerings of the services provider.

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