Friday, 13 July 2012

Common vulnerabilities that lead to data leaks

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Data leaks are common within large organisations, but the incident that gets everyone on their toes, is when something vital gets leaked out. Critical information can be stored in multiple places and can have innumerable backups. But all of those efforts would be futile if your company does not change or revise its data backup techniques over time.

Changing your data backup strategies over time is vital because it may help you gain better control over the number of systems and storage devices that even a single person uses as a part of an organisation. It can also help find lost files or vulnerabilities that have been available over time; it is just that no one has bothered to take advantage of them.

Digital files or data can be easily sneaked out from companies because of todays eased out work policies. In fact there are plenty of opportunities for data thieves to plug in, plant and withdraw necessary data from a company’s systems, without even being present. Personal laptops for portable computing handed out for working when on the move can be plugged into a non-secure network outside and then reconnect to the secure network inside creating plenty of loopholes without the user having even the slightest idea that he/she is being used to compromise a system. And this is just a tiny bit of what is possible today. This is why it is best to rely on experts when it comes to making your network secure and safe. A third-party digital archiving and records management company in Dubai may be your safest bet since it allows for flexible access under lock and key without the need to download files to personal systems. This leaves all computing devices as ‘computing devices’; just a physical interface to log in, use and then log out. Thefts from within the company can also be reduced to great extent. Online repositories offered by records management companies will also allow for convenient access to company files across multiple branches while being able to upload files to the same source from elsewhere without any compromises.

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