Monday, 11 June 2012

Real-time and imaging solutions are synonymous

Information management systems in Dubai today are getting a lot more complex and diverse meaning that aggregating information from multiple sources will need to on a timely basis. A flaw in this rigorous process can lead to a missing piece of information in the entire system which soon grows into a problem in the case of an audit or when it comes to making important decisions in terms of finance.

Imaging helps to an extent and helps digitize documents especially of those that are needed on an urgent basis. But what happens to the rest of the documents, the ones that are not required urgently but in the near future? When do they get scanned? The issue here is that no matter how many documents need to be scanned, they need to be scanned on daily basis to avoid back logs and avoid delays when it comes to audits.

We at Black Box records management bring to you a comprehensive Imaging and Electronic storage solution. By comprehensive, we mean complete, giving the power of information retrieval from various types of media into your hands, anywhere, anytime. We do this with an expansive suite of solutions, which are professionally managed as per global standards. Our imaging and electronic scanning solutions will deliver by:

• Managing your existing records (be it on-site or off-site, we will take the load off your shoulders)

• Scanning your records via Day forward Imaging or Backfile scanning (either entirely or only what is required—saving on costs)

• And pushing everything onto our Black Box web-hosted repository making your documents and media accessible from anywhere, online in a secure hosted environment.

What makes us a better choice compared to the rest is that our imaging and document management solutions are compliance driven, keeping your organisation safe and secure all the time.

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