Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A monthly spring cleaning will help you save on records management costs.

Many companies today have begun outsourcing records management in Dubai for reasons that they are good at it. When it comes to scanning records in Dubai’s corporate arena, outsourced solutions make it even more cost-effective; since they only pick what needs to be accessed and gradually building up a database for your company at their facility. Some companies prefer to get their whole database and records scanned so that everything gets organised and digitized for quick viewing and easier retrieval, saving time at work. But there are better ways of making such an outsourced solution deliver even better value for your organisation.

Make it a monthly task or keep a few hours every month in your office for set aside for some spring cleaning. This task should be conducted by all employees and simply helps purge unnecessary documents that have no value but somehow end up getting scanned because they happen to be in the folder. Every day there are hundreds of such documents that end up in records management facilities in Dubai and then due to outsourced solutions who do not understand their value end up getting scanned too. Cleaning up on a monthly basis for a couple of hours a month helps your employees stay more organised and more importantly, they automatically end up doing a follow-up of the tasks assigned to them.

What a clean-up also does, is that old documents or that may have been misplaced may also be discovered leading to big gains for the records management department. So begin a clean-up initiative in your company today and stay organised through and through.

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