Monday, 5 November 2012

The benefits of document scanning services

It is quite unfortunate that even in this modern day and time many companies still heavily rely on paper to store their data. This colossal amount of paper used, has quickly started to become extremely unmanageable. Even the efficiency of the work place has begun to suffer due to the increased time taken to retrieve and store data. Storing data on paper has become both a tedious task as well as an inefficient way to manage data. The only light at the end of this dark tunnel is digitalization, and this is where scanning services come to the rescue.

The following are some of the benefits of switching to document scanning:

  • Environmentally friendly: The need for paper is one of the major causes of deforestation. The Environmental Paper Network, in a recent study estimated that reducing office paper by 10% is comparable to taking 280,000 cars of the streets and reducing green house.

  • Cost efficiency: The cost of storing data on paper has started to become quite uneconomical for a lot of companies. Due to this, the expenditure on paper, ink refills, printing machines and folders have started to appear redundant. Managing these costs is one of the main reasons why companies are shifting to digitalization, as it has a tremendous impact on reducing expenditure. Money spent on recruiting employees is also saved as one person can handle many tasks with the click of a few buttons.

  • Convenience: Digitalization has made file management more user friendly and efficient. It has eliminated the need for more storage space at the office. After being scanned documents can easily be stored in authorized company networks where they can easily be uploaded and retrieved. Scanning also increases efficiency by reducing confusion and making the transfer of documents more streamlined.
In today’s day, a company cannot do without the unified system of digital archiving. Growing companies need organized systems to manage their files.  The use of paper to store data has become obsolete while scanning increases productivity and decreases costs. Due to the competitive nature of today’s corporate landscape, digital document storage has rapidly become the preferred norm.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Choosing the right scanning company

Companies today are running out of space due to the incalculable mass of unmanaged documents that are piling up at the work place. Finding a competent document scanning company to successfully digitalize your company’s paper work may be harder than you think. In this digital age, document scanning is increasingly becoming a widely used service that people are outsourcing in bulk. The primary reason for this occurrence is to reduce the amount of paper used, and to make offices “paperless”.

Document scanning companies must be carefully reviewed before being chosen. Make sure that the scanning companies you choose has enough of experience in document scanning .Also, make sure that the company is offering their services to your industry in particular. The company you choose should also have a reputation for providing valued document scanning. Find out if the companie’s services are flexible so that they can make changes according to your requirements and manage high quality without compromising on time.

Before you select a scanning service to carry out your scanning requirements, you must check if they are capable of delivering what they promise to. A professional scanning company usually offers a fast turnaround and meets deadlines without comprising on quality. Price should not be the only factor taken into consideration while selecting a scanning company. Quality and speed must also be taken into account. Good companies offer value added services and deliver quality output without delay.

When you select a company, cost should not be the only factor taken into consideration. You should check the quality and promptness of services provided. Some companies also offer value added services that may bring quick and superior output. Most of the top scanning companies specify their cost candidly, deliver quality output and show prompt results.

Make sure the scanning company you choose has enough of space to store all your documents appropriately as well as safely. Privacy and security are of utmost importance and one must make sure that these virtues are the top priority of the company.

The services provide by document scanning companies help you increase productivity, reduce expenses and decrease your overall eco footprint as well.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Five Things to bear in mind when evaluating a media storage provider inDubai

Dubai is known for its highly conducive business and leisure environment in every corner of the world. No other city in the region and few other locations around the globe offer the unique mix of commercial enterprise and leisure for keen entrepreneurs. As a result, Dubai is frequently referred as ‘the place to be’ in the UAE for commercial enterprise.

Inherent to every business is data, both, in terms of the volumes generated and the uniqueness of data. In-fact, as commercial enterprise continues to grow increasingly reliant on consumer/customer behaviour, a growing awareness is spreading for the proper handling and processing of this data. This is one of the most important driving considerations behind the growing popularity of professionally managed media storage in Dubai.

In the earlier days, document storage was all about managing things in-house. Over time however, people realized that businesses tend to generate quite a fair bit of documentation. This documentation must be preserved in a manner that prolongs its active lifespan and must be easily accessible at the same time. Both aims are seldom in-tune with the core mission and vision of businesses. Consequently, more and more enterprises have begun to opt for secure document storage services in Dubai.

Some of the things that one must consider when evaluating a potential document management services provider would be as follows:

  1. Documentation tends to be printed out on paper that is organic by nature. Given the climatic conditions in the region, anything that would be stored at regular facilities would have a short storage life. This would be self-defeating to the purpose of commercial document storage. Thus, one must opt for specially designed climate
    controlled facilities that maintain the humidity and temperature at optimum levels

  2. The volumes of documents generated in the course of business activity can easily get out of hand if left un-attended. A proper sorting and filing system ensures that a semblance of order is maintained

  3. A uniform coding system helps go a long way in suppressing the potential chaos that may erupt at a document storage facility. No facility worth its systems can afford to delay the retrieval of a particular piece of documentation as and when the need may arise

  4. State-of-the-art security measures to safeguard the storage premises are a particularly important requirement given the potential havoc that can be caused by cases of corporate espionage and/or other instances of a data breach. Round-the-clock security patrols, night-vision enabled Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and a detailed data access log are some of the measures that a responsible storage facility must have at its premises

  5. Quite a large amount of data that is stored at a facility tends to be confidential in nature. It is therefore not unusual for instances where it must be destroyed in a discrete and secure manner. Storage companies in Dubai that offer document shredding facilities are in high demand among enterprises that need such services
At the end of the day, the choice of a storage partner is based on a high level of confidentiality and trust. This is why, it is imperative that one devote a fair amount of resources towards researching for the right partner.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Points to consider when evaluating records storage in Dubai

In the world of business, nothing is perhaps more devastating that the loss of one’s commercial data. The loss may be temporary or permanent, accidental or the resultant activity of a disgruntled source in the company. The reasons do not matter, what matters are the ramifications of such an occurrence on the performance of the business.

Dubai is the hub of commercial activity in the region. Every brand worth its equity is out there in the lucrative market, trying to gather their share of the local Dirham or the tourist Dollar. At a time where information is everything, few businesses can survive the crippling blows of a data outage. This perhaps explains the popularity of media storage services in Dubai.

Buoyed by the convenience and other inherent advantages, most commercial enterprises in Dubai tend to follow records management practices in some form or the other. Most of the data backup solutions being used, either involve tape based backup or disk based backup. So, if you are a business that is looking at records storage in Dubai, here’s what you need to know:
  • Storage media may have to be moved from one location to another, on occasion. In such instances, one would need media that can take the rough and tumble with the smooth. This is where tape based storage with its fewer moving parts, scores over disk based solutions that can be vulnerable to sudden drops and shocks

  • Businesses that are costs driven on the other hand tend to gravitate rather strongly to disk based storage solutions. This is due to the falling costs of disks at the initial purchase stage. Scaling up is easier as well with disk based systems, as each disk can be purchased as per the need. This is of-course provided that there are enough bays free to accept additional disks

  • Tapes offer vastly superior off-site storage provisions. This can prove to be extremely advantageous in total loss situations where its disk based counterpart would be stored on site, close to the area of operations

  • In terms of access speeds, disk based data backup systems are vastly superior. One can access data at infinitely greater speeds than the tape based setups that store data in a more sequential manner

  • Tape based storage systems, due to their analogue nature; tend to be impervious to virus attacks. This is a huge advantage in a world that is just waking up to malicious virus attacks and cases of industrial espionage that can break a company forever
At the end of the day, when it comes to records storage services in Dubai, one must carefully weigh in the pros and cons of each solution. The final choice depends upon finding a match between the needs and requirements of the business that wishes to store their data, and the price-to-performance offerings of the services provider.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Advantages of Media and Document Storage

We are living in the computer age. Without them our work comes to a standstill. They have added a new meaning to life, and have helped to smoothen the progress of an assortment of applications as per our convenience. We have moved on from physical copies to digital ones all thanks to the outburst in technology. The more the data the more the space required, and who doesn’t want handy functionality?

Media storage has come in vogue due to the following reasons:

Systematic: Media storage helps you to be systematic. Imagine a classic scenario, when you are in need of a file, on an urgent basis, would you want to spend hours sitting in front of the screen rummaging through files? Absolutely not! In times like these warehouses come in to be extremely vital and definitely useful.

Portable and Capacity: Generally media files are huge in size. Document and record storage also take a lot of space. So, how about amassing it on a portable drive? It can make things a lot easier and handy. Since they are portable they give you the freedom to carry your data wherever you go.

Consistency and Dependability: File storage companies in Dubai are insured and certified. They can be trusted, and have known to be reliable for many years now. They come with a safety feature. Thus, they ensure the safety and security of all your documents especially when you store confidential and vital files. Warehouses protect the documents from fire, bad weather, and moisture.

Rates: The rates of almost all storehouses in Dubai are designed according to the budget each one of us sets. They work on a weekly, monthly basis so as to fit the needs and requirements of the clients.

In short it can be said when you are looking out for storage space make sure you take the best of the services provided. This way you will have the maximum space, and minimum worries for your personal as well as business needs.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

What really needs to be a ‘record’

Most companies follow the all or nothing policy; they either retain everything or they retain nothing. Although the former is way better than the latter, retaining all of your ‘records’ puts you in a big mess here in Dubai and the Middle East.

Not everything needs to be a record; more importantly not every record needs to be physical, digital or even available at all times. In order for records management to be beneficial for a company — rather than time consuming and expensive — it needs to have a strict system in place that allows for a more efficient retrieval or storage system. One that works like clockwork and does not leave anything unaccounted for.

For this to be possible, one needs to design and implement a strict retention, storage, archival and retrieval system. This requires that every employee should know and correctly mark which document needs to be stored as a record in the first place. The same employees also need to know about what document needs to be marked with which retention date as well. This allows for document destruction at the right time which leads to better efficiency and records management.

The key to running an efficient data and records management system is to time correctly the form of a document/record from physical to digital and then to digital archival or physical archival; the rest simply need to be destroyed. Destroying unnecessary documents as per the retention schedule allows for more space and the storage of only those documents and records that is necessary.

We at BlackBox provide records management consulting in Dubai and provide all the necessary services such as storage, management and scanning services in Dubai as well. We feel that document management is best left to the experts and when outsourced to a third-party provider as it keeps all documents from employees on a need-to-know basis and keeps them away from prying eyes as well.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Common vulnerabilities that lead to data leaks

records management company in Dubai

Data leaks are common within large organisations, but the incident that gets everyone on their toes, is when something vital gets leaked out. Critical information can be stored in multiple places and can have innumerable backups. But all of those efforts would be futile if your company does not change or revise its data backup techniques over time.

Changing your data backup strategies over time is vital because it may help you gain better control over the number of systems and storage devices that even a single person uses as a part of an organisation. It can also help find lost files or vulnerabilities that have been available over time; it is just that no one has bothered to take advantage of them.

Digital files or data can be easily sneaked out from companies because of todays eased out work policies. In fact there are plenty of opportunities for data thieves to plug in, plant and withdraw necessary data from a company’s systems, without even being present. Personal laptops for portable computing handed out for working when on the move can be plugged into a non-secure network outside and then reconnect to the secure network inside creating plenty of loopholes without the user having even the slightest idea that he/she is being used to compromise a system. And this is just a tiny bit of what is possible today. This is why it is best to rely on experts when it comes to making your network secure and safe. A third-party digital archiving and records management company in Dubai may be your safest bet since it allows for flexible access under lock and key without the need to download files to personal systems. This leaves all computing devices as ‘computing devices’; just a physical interface to log in, use and then log out. Thefts from within the company can also be reduced to great extent. Online repositories offered by records management companies will also allow for convenient access to company files across multiple branches while being able to upload files to the same source from elsewhere without any compromises.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Real-time and imaging solutions are synonymous

Information management systems in Dubai today are getting a lot more complex and diverse meaning that aggregating information from multiple sources will need to on a timely basis. A flaw in this rigorous process can lead to a missing piece of information in the entire system which soon grows into a problem in the case of an audit or when it comes to making important decisions in terms of finance.

Imaging helps to an extent and helps digitize documents especially of those that are needed on an urgent basis. But what happens to the rest of the documents, the ones that are not required urgently but in the near future? When do they get scanned? The issue here is that no matter how many documents need to be scanned, they need to be scanned on daily basis to avoid back logs and avoid delays when it comes to audits.

We at Black Box records management bring to you a comprehensive Imaging and Electronic storage solution. By comprehensive, we mean complete, giving the power of information retrieval from various types of media into your hands, anywhere, anytime. We do this with an expansive suite of solutions, which are professionally managed as per global standards. Our imaging and electronic scanning solutions will deliver by:

• Managing your existing records (be it on-site or off-site, we will take the load off your shoulders)

• Scanning your records via Day forward Imaging or Backfile scanning (either entirely or only what is required—saving on costs)

• And pushing everything onto our Black Box web-hosted repository making your documents and media accessible from anywhere, online in a secure hosted environment.

What makes us a better choice compared to the rest is that our imaging and document management solutions are compliance driven, keeping your organisation safe and secure all the time.

Need to know more? Contact us via our website today at

Monday, 21 May 2012

The world is going paperless — Have you taken the first step?

Is your company or small business office lying under piles of documents and paperwork? Do you know that there are incredible savings when one adopts a paperless system?

The world today has shifted to the cloud, cloud storage that is; one document scanned and stored online can be accessed by anyone on the globe online with the right password. Why would I need to get my documents online? Would you ask? Well, simply because it saves money, time and resources when it comes to your business.

Going paperless will also save you some space in the office and make room for some more workstations for those extra employees, who will bring in more value for the company. Paper today in most new-age companies are only used for form-filling, a simple no-frills way of bringing in information; after which the forms are destroyed and all client information is stored digitally.

Apart from providing added transparency within an organization, digital archiving companies in Dubai offer more flexibility in terms of documents being made available anywhere, instantaneously for reference.

This does point out to some loop holes, all of which have been have simple solutions when it comes to information management in Dubai. The advantage here is that only certain people have access to vital information; making them solely responsible for the data loss ensuring that the cases of company theft are reduced to a bare minimum.

Going paperless also saves money for business owners and large corporations, because records management helps employees concentrate on their assigned tasks rather than wasting time hunting down documents. In the case of large corporations that generate tonnes of documents in a day, it really helps when scanning companies in Dubai take over, for the reason that managing and filing all of those documents takes time and the use of manpower; especially for storage and retrieval.

Need a helping hand? Contact us at Black Box and we will take care of all your scanning, imaging and information management needs.
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A monthly spring cleaning will help you save on records management costs.

Many companies today have begun outsourcing records management in Dubai for reasons that they are good at it. When it comes to scanning records in Dubai’s corporate arena, outsourced solutions make it even more cost-effective; since they only pick what needs to be accessed and gradually building up a database for your company at their facility. Some companies prefer to get their whole database and records scanned so that everything gets organised and digitized for quick viewing and easier retrieval, saving time at work. But there are better ways of making such an outsourced solution deliver even better value for your organisation.

Make it a monthly task or keep a few hours every month in your office for set aside for some spring cleaning. This task should be conducted by all employees and simply helps purge unnecessary documents that have no value but somehow end up getting scanned because they happen to be in the folder. Every day there are hundreds of such documents that end up in records management facilities in Dubai and then due to outsourced solutions who do not understand their value end up getting scanned too. Cleaning up on a monthly basis for a couple of hours a month helps your employees stay more organised and more importantly, they automatically end up doing a follow-up of the tasks assigned to them.

What a clean-up also does, is that old documents or that may have been misplaced may also be discovered leading to big gains for the records management department. So begin a clean-up initiative in your company today and stay organised through and through.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Offsite records management can prevent employee theft in a company

Offsite records management in Dubai has been a blessing for many companies, taking the load off their shoulders and giving them a safe and secure solution when it comes to their documents. Employee theft on the other hand, is seriously not. Many great companies have fallen because of simple instances of theft which have been conducted by employees working in the companies themselves.

Most employers will employ the best of the best when it comes to security to keep other people away from confidential records and documents but will never doubt on their own employees. This is why employee theft is easy and simple. All it takes is a person from the inside to steal one little document as it has been proven time and again with major companies filing for bankruptcy; the main cause of which is simply directly or indirectly – employee theft.

Having an offsite records storage solution is one of the best ways to get rid of employee theft. In this way no one else apart from the main authorities directly in charge, have access to the records by registering with the document storage company. Such a system not only keeps the documents safe but with additional services offered by most records management firms such as secure document shredding, they can easily stay on track with their retention schedules. Secure document shredding again saves a company a lot of money when it comes to compliance and helping get rid of confidential documents that should be destroyed in the most legal manner. One can always trust a records management and digital archiving company when it comes to safety and security of their confidential records because that is what they do and specialize in.
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