Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Why A Media Vault Is Crucial For Your Company

An office space contains several documents and media files that are sensitive and important in nature. These documents are generally confidential in nature, meaning they should be preserved well and also kept away from the public eye.

Keeping them locked in the office may save them from the public eye. It is still incomplete protection as in an office environment, unauthorized people can access the documents.

A Media Vault in Dubai is a company’s best bet. The benefits of a media vault are manifold.

1. Professional assurance

A trustworthy media vault will take the stress of document storage from your hands, giving you a promise of secure documents in return. The day to day security of the documents is the prerogative of the firm, and you can check periodically if everything is in order.

2. Controlled access

The security parameters of a media vault are in the hands of the service providers, and by working with them, you can decide who gets access to the papers. Nowadays, leaking sensitive documents or destroying crucial ones is easier as most files have a virtual copy. A media vault will minimize the chances of this happening with airtight security and cross checking.

3. Protection against calamity

Human intervention is not the only danger for documents and media. Natural disasters or accidents in the office can destroy documents unexpectedly. As opposed to this, a climate controlled and climate protected media vault will ensure that come fire or high water, your documents’ life won’t be affected.

These points are reason enough to opt for a Media Vault in Dubai for protection and storage of your precious documents and media.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Things To Keep In Mind During Media Destruction

When technology becomes obsolete or document files have lived past their sell-by date, it is necessary to get rid of files as well as the hardware. Throwing away such hardware is the option used many a times, but it is an amateurish move. Here are tips to handle Media Destruction in Dubai.

1. Categorize media

Media destruction is a crucial and non reversible activity. Select only those pieces that are to be destroyed for sure and keep them apart from the rest of the lot.

2. Ensure there are no backups, unless necessary.

The purpose of media destruction gets lost if the destroyed files still have a copy in the real world. Having a back up in real situations is good, but is ill advised in media destruction. One stray copy of a document nullifies the act of destroying documents.

3. No compromises

If the data is in a crucial piece of hardware, you may be tempted to not destroy it completely, choosing to format the hard drive. Remember that this method is useful only to increase the capacity of the storage hardware by wiping existing data. However, shoddy destruction can mean that hackers can unlock and reveal the data that you thought you erased. Physical destruction of the object sometimes is the only option. Don’t forget to think about this while destroying media on a hard drive.

If possible, hire a trustworthy media destruction service in Dubai. They will make sure that every last trace of your closed door meetings and decisions are safe with you and the professional cleaners that and came all day.

These tips will come in handy when you think of destroying media in your office space.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tips To Prepare For Document Destruction

Every company has documents that contain sensitive or important information that would pose a substantial financial or legal risk if leaked. This makes systematic destruction of such documents an important thing to be put on your to-do list. Before you relinquish all documents to the hands of a document shredding facility in Dubai, here’s what you need to know.

1.    Document destruction policy

Make sure your company has a document destruction policy in place and a team to execute the policy. This will ensure that there are no shortfalls when it comes to shredding documents.

2.    Sorting documents

Before calling a Document Destruction Service In Dubai, sort out all your documents to be shredded. This includes all documents that have your personal details on them, and documents related to finance that are past the date limitation.

3.    Check document status

You do not want to accidentally shred tax documents or financial papers that are still required or relevant. Check out the laws of your country and industry to know which documents you need before making the shredding pile.

4.    Store

Depending on your arrangement with the Document Shredding Facility In Dubai, store the documents in bins or bags that the company has provided so that they can get to work and destroy the right documents systematically and regularly.

These tips will help you rest assured and become confident in the important task of document destruction. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to us.

Monday, 30 October 2017

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Record Management

Small businesses have vastly different needs from large corporate setups. Apart from turnover, number of employees, hierarchy, the volume of documentation and record keeping also differ. If you’re a small business owner who is of the opinion that offsite record storage is only useful for large conglomerates, you may want to reconsider. Having your record management needs fulfilled by a document storage firm in Dubai may work well for you. We make a few arguments in favour.
  1. Hassle free: In startups and small businesses, there are more than enough work bases to cover apart from document management. Outsourcing this concern can help you re purpose the employees’ time more valuably.
  2. Record keeping: Small businesses cannot afford to lose time in hunting down important documents, nor the cost of losing crucial documents. Offsite record storage in places like Dubai can be the solution.
  3. Resource allocation: Onsite record keeping takes up a lot of space, manpower, and daily maintenance. For small businesses, each of these resources is precious. Time spent maintaining records is time not spent on expanding the business. Document storage in Dubai will only cost you money, and leave other assets to be utilized for more proactive assignments.
  4. Team building: Offsite record storage in Dubai offers many functionalities that go above and beyond storage.  Communication, immediate download or adding more documents are standard functions, and using these facilities together as a team will add cohesiveness to your team and get work faster.
Small businesses have accelerated growth prospects and limited resources.  For them, document storage spaces can be a boon in terms of convenience and saving resources. Trying to save money by not opting for such a facility might work out to be a more expensive proposition in the long term. Consult an expert to arrive at the best strategy for you.

Monday, 21 August 2017

VAT and Your Company Documents: What You Need to Know

On 1st January 2018, the UAE’s value added tax (VAT) becomes law. Many companies are confused about how to prepare for this massive change.

The most important point to understand about the VAT law is that it applies to all UAE-based businesses, even if a company qualifies for an exemption. Every company with an income of more than AED 367,000 must register for a Tax Registration Number (TRN) with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). If a business makes less than AED 367,000 in revenue, it must still prove that it is exempt. The VAT rate will be 5%, and each company must prepare and submit tax returns for each tax period, which currently means every quarter. All submitted documents and supporting records must be in Arabic.

To properly prepare your returns (or prove your exemption), you’ll need complete and detailed accounts. That means keeping your original documents safe for at least five years because the FTA can audit any company at any time. During an audit, you must produce original documents. If you can’t, you could face strict penalties, steep fines, and possible prison time.

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to implement a complete document management and storage system. At Black Box, our offsite records management solutions offer safe, reliable, and secure storage options. To find out how Black Box can help your company prepare for VAT, contact us at hello@blackboxrm.com

Document Scanning: Scan On-Site or Outsource?

This is a question that many business personnel ask themselves but struggle to find the right answer. This article might be of great help to arrive at a suitable solution. 

First things first

The first thing you need to be clear about is whether you can allocate employees for document scanning? Is it cost-effective?
Ask your document imaging company for an estimate of time it will take to scan and index your documents. Your company will also give an estimate of costs to be incurred for software, hardware and other equipment installation necessary for an in-house document management system. 


Most businesses are better off having employees focus on their core competencies, while the document management experts manage the indexing and scanning processes. Moreover, a document imaging firm is better equipped to faultlessly manage any incidences of increase in volume. Now, whether you want to delegate responsibilities within your staff or have your document specialist manage the entire process; it is something you have to decide. In any case, it is important to remember that you will require adequate IT and tech support to install a document management system in-house. 

Arriving at a budget-friendly solution

It is always economical to let a document imaging firm provide web-based document management services that don’t incur high capital expenditure unlike in-house processes. You will also realise that an all-inclusive Off-Site Document Management System incurs far less money. 

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Key Questions Related to Document Management Planning

Installing a document management system is the key to achieving enhanced business efficiency. A reliable document management company will walk you through the complete process step-by-step such that all your needs are met. However, you need to ask yourself some key questions that’ll help you to get the right solutions from your document management firm.

Question #1: Which department needs to go paperless?

It is recommended to start small. Focus on a department or business process that is the most paper-intensive and hinders flow of business. It can be the Accounts section, Human Resources department or the department responsible for producing proof-of-delivery documents. Implementing document management system in specific departments gives you the opportunity to fine-tune the most crucial processes before increasing the scope of your document management system.

Question #2: Who can access your files, and when?

You would not leave your client bills or other confidential management documents for everyone to read. Just like that, access to scanned files and documents must be carefully planned. The key is to strike a balance between accessibility and security so as not to hamper mission-critical processes. A good Document Management System lets you determine who can gain access to specific files, folders and documents.

Question #3: Which departments need training?

As you decide who will have the access to scanned documents, determine which departments should be trained for document scanning, retrieval and indexing.  Also, determine the category of files that’ll remain on-site due to regulatory concerns.

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